Saturday, 2 April 2016

Powertex Fun.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi all, I seem to be post mad this week but just had to show you this!

I am off to a retreat with Ali and Ian Kemp next weekend which set me thinking it was time I did something with this.............

I had it in my head to create a bust with Powertex.
Which is , for those who are not familiar with it:
A fabric hardener and textile hardener, environmentally friendly water-based liquid sculpting medium. Powertex can replace polyester for fabric hardening and textile hardening. Powertex can harden absorbent materials such as textiles, paper, cardboard, fabrics, leather and fiberglass. Powertex can be easily combined with self-hardening clays, concrete, stone, ceramic, wood, sand and Stone Art. Powertex is used for making sculptures, paintings, decorative objects and jewellery.
You can find more info here.

I used some plastic bubble wrap and a padded bra to create the bodice.
I covered all of this with masking tape.

Next gathered together all the equipment needed for the next stage.
This is very sticky stuff but it does not adhere to plastic so plastic table clothes work well to cover the work area.

 It all looks a bit messy at this stage but trust me it will get better.
You may notice I am doing this outside (on one of the few nice days we have had recently) it's safer that way!!!! for me anyway.

Start by soaking the fabric fully in the Powertex.
It must be completely covered and run your fingers through it to remove any excess.
 Once you have dipped the fabric into the liquid it can be applied to the substrate creating beautiful creases and folds which stick to each other.

And here is the finished piece.

I almost left it Ivory, which was the colour of the Powertex I used but decided to colour it. I have used acrylic paints on this piece and then added a coat of glaze to seal it.

Hope you enjoyed watching me make this.
I am definitely getting in the mood now for next weekend and will hope to have lots of interesting things to show you.
For now, happy crafty weekend.
Angela xXx
I would like to enter this in the following Challenges:
When making this piece I found the work of Irma Westerdijk and Darcy particularly inspiring by the way their fabrics flowed and swirled on the substrate, gorgeous effects, love them!


  1. This is gorgeous work Angela, bet it looks amazing IRL, my Granddaughters would love this.
    Enjoy your weekend retreat.
    Pam x

  2. Enlarged the photo for a better look and this is amazing, great folds and colouring. I have a bottle of powertex and must find time to use it.
    Happy Sunday.
    Hugs Brenda xxx

  3. Wow, amazing! Is this part of a larger project or a piece of art in its own right? You could use it to hang your cardis on it! Is it hollow inside? Fascinating!

  4. what a fab idea - love it x

  5. Wow, that looks amazing and from such humble beginnings too. Cara x

  6. Wow it looks beautiful Angela. There is a Grecian look to it. Barbxx

  7. That Powertex looks amazing stuff, Angela. I'm glad this lass has a bra on underneath her beautifully draped garment lol!

    Thank you for your visit and your comment - I have been resting as much as possible this weekend (we were out to a birthday party yesterday afternoon, and church this a.m.) and hopefully I'll feel better again tomorrow - I've got very overtired recently with all this activity.

    The bread was delicious, by the way.

    Shoshi x

  8. What a truly fantastic project Angela! I know it can be messy but it really is such fun isn't it? I love that you made a bodice, it really is beautiful and I loved seeing your process too! Hugs, Anne xx


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