Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Nearly There !!!

Hi Blogfriends thought I had better let you know I am still here.
We have had workmen in and the crafting space has been a little bit covered by stuff that is normally in the kitchen and bathroom.

I know it is crazy to do both spaces at the same but it will be worth it when we have finished.
We are up to the painting stage now so nearly finished which is good as we are going skiing next week.

This is the space where I normally do my crafting but as you can see it is surrounded by dust sheets.

At least Maisie has found a use for them.
She reminds me a bit of the 'Princess and the Pea'.

I can still feel the Pea you know!

That's much better thank you!

Back soon.
Angela x

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  1. Hi Angela, Maisie is absolutely gorgeous and she does look like a little princess on top of your linen. I was wondering where you were! Hope all the work gets finished before you go off skiing. Hugs, Anne x


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