Thursday, 28 November 2013

Lavinia Stamps Fairies on Fabric.

Hi Blogbuddies finished the waistcoat and here are the final photos.
Hope you like it.

                                        Back View

Front View

Back soon,
Angela x

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Lavinia Stamps Fairies on Fabric.

Hi Bloghoppers, next stage of the waistcoat and nearly finished !!!

All turned the right way round and tacked up ready for the edge stitching and finishing the seams.

The original pattern does not have fastenings though it would be possible to include these in the form of buttons and buttonholes or frog fastening if required.

Back soon with the completed waistcoat.
Then I can start the next sample lol!
Angela x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Lavinia Stamps Fairies on Fabric.

Hi Blogstitching  friends, the waistcoat is all ready now for the final stages.
I think this is when it looks a bit messy but all that will disappear when it's turned the right way round.
The lining has been attached and everything is inside-out at this stage.

As you can see, the only parts that are not sewn up are the side seams.
The waistcoat will now be turned the right way round and then the side seams can be completed and the edge stitching done.

Back soon,
Angela x

Monday, 25 November 2013

Masterboard Card Ideas.

Hi Blogsters, still using the Christmas stamps by JOFY available from Ali-Craft and decided to try the brown craft card for this sample.

This is another quick card for all of us who are still needing to get those Christmas cards made lol!

I stamped the background first using a brown archival ink pad and then used the border stamp on the same card which I cut to shape ready to add to the topper.

I stamped the baubles from JOFY 03 set on cream card and added stickles glue for added interest.

I layered the design with more brown and cream card and gold mirri and then added the borders and finished this with gems and the sentiment stamp.
I also added some stickles to the background inside the card.

Back again soon with more quick card ideas.
Crafty hugs,
Angela x

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lavinia Stamps. Fairies on Fabric.

Hi Blogstitching friends, just finished the next stage in making the waistcoat.

I have added stitch detail to the printed fabric. I am using this stitch detail to attach the printed fabric to the calico.
This is completed on both front sections and at the back.

The next part requires the attachment of the wadding to give the quilted effect.
I prefer to do this in the traditional way by tacking the fabrics together, vertically and horizontally.
I realise that this process takes time but I feel that it is necessary to ensure a good finish as quilting on the sewing machine can distort the fabric.
It is particularly noticeable on the photograph how well the prints take on the fabric, the colours are really good.
Hope you will visit Lavinia Stamps and have a look at the range of downloads available.
The next stage is to quilt the plain section of the waistcoat.
As the calico is a natural colour, I used a similar coloured thread rather than white.
With this type of design I felt it was more appropriate to have a gentle curve to the machining rather than straight lines which would have been more traditional.
This was the effect I ended up with on the front.
I also added some additional stitching to the patterned fabric using straight stitching on the leaves.
So far so good.
The waistcoat is now ready for construction.
 Back soon with the next stage.
Crafty Hugs,
Angela x

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lavinia Stamps Downloadable Designs. Fairies on Fabric.

Hi  Blogbuddies, I'm going back to my roots for this one.
I am making some samples for Tracey at Lavinia Stamps using some of her new downloads.
If you haven't already seen these, click on the link above which will take you directly to them.
Tracey also sells the printable media you need for this technique.
If there is enough interest I will post the complete set of instructions for some of the products I am making.
Hope you will leave a comment if you are interested.

For my first sample I decided to make a waistcoat.
I used the Inkjet Printing Cotton and the Autumn Hues download.
I then cut the printed design in half.

After cutting out the waistcoat pattern I attached the printed fabric to the two sides of the waistcoat using bonderweb to stick it down though it could easily be tacked down instead.

At this stage the waistcoat is ready for the stitch detail to be carried out.
I am using a very simple manual sewing machine deliberately so that anyone who has a machine that is capable of straight stitch and
zig-zag could easily make something similar.
I hope you will leave a comment if you are interested in seeing the stages in the making of this product.
Back soon.
Crafty hugs,
Angela x

Friday, 22 November 2013

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi Mini friends back on my feet again lol!.

The dog was very sorry, he's really quite friendly and helped me back on my feet, well, wheels actually.
He's gone very quiet and I have decided it's better to
'let sleeping dogs lie' at least for the time being.
I may have to give him some training sessions.
I'm sure that with training the dog can be a robot's best friend.
Have a nice day,
back soon,
BP Mini Me x

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi  Mini friends, BP here and I have been walkabout again.
Thought it would be safe today as they are out shopping.
Got a bit of a surprise as the robot dog came to life, his eyes just lit up lol!
He made me jump, I can tell you!!!

As if that wasn't enough he started to move and knocked me clean over!!!
Look at me!!!
Silly dog, I'm all over the place lol!
I am so sorry, I am Teksta the robot dog, I have been switched off for so long that I got a bit excited but don't worry I will have you back on your feet in no time at all.
Let's hope so, it's a bit uncomfortable down here.
I will be back when I manage to get up again!
See you soon,
BP Mini Me  and Teksta x


Monday, 18 November 2013

Masterboard Monday Card Ideas.

Hi Blogsters, love making Christmas cards but when you need so many it's necessary to make some quick ones especially if like me you are always on the last leg getting them done.
So for the last couple of days I have been working on some quick cards using my latest Masterboard.
Hope you like them.

I used some of the left-over black card which had been embossed with white powder.
The baubles were embossed with black on white and then coloured with mica paints.
The tag is by Tim Holtz.
Christmas stamps by Jo Firth-Young, Ali-Craft have several different sets of these stamps.

Thought a tall card might be nice.
Back soon with more ideas.
Angela x


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Birthday Card Ideas.

Hi Mini Me here, just having a quick look at what she's been up to.
These are rather nice, but not enough cogs and grunge for my liking. Quick! better hide she's coming!

Hi Blogsters, I'm sure someone's been here while I was busy lol!
Oh well !
Birthday cards needed this week for two special friends but they are not into Steampunk so something pretty needed.

Same stamps, different colour schemes.
The stamps are by Heartfeltcreations and the dies by the same company for Spellbinders.
The flowers were stamped and embossed before being cut and then layered and attached to the topper with brads.
The main part of the card was made with a template from House of Zandra.

Love these flowers so here is a close-up.

Hope you like them as much as I do.
Back soon,
Angela x

Friday, 15 November 2013

Wedding Card

Hi Bloggies, been busy making a greeting card for the Bride and Groom.
A friend of mine is going to the wedding and wanted something special, just hope it fits the bill! 
The couple are a little more mature so needed something a bit more sophisticated.
I have been allowed to know the colour of the dress though it is a secret really lol! but as none of the invited guests know about this blog they are unlikely to see the card or connect me with the wedding.
Hope you like it.

It is as you can see a Twisted Easel card.
For this I used:
Patterned papers - House of Zandra.
Dies - Spellbinders.
Heart punch - not sure!
Sentiment stamps - Fiskars.
Flourishes and ribbon - Chloes Creative Cards.
Embossing folder - Sue Wilson for Creative Expressions.
Satin card - Touch of Craft.
The Rose Cameo - Hobby House Limited.
Textured card - Crafters Companion.
Stickles Glue.


I always think the folded section needs something, so I have added a pop-up flower and matching flourishes.

Close-up of the front section.

Rose Cameo with Stickles glue for a little added sparkle.

Close-up of the front sentiment.

Hope you like it and hope they do too!
Crafty Hugs,
Angela x

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Masterboard Samples

Hi Blogbuddies, as promised I have managed to make the first of the masterboard samples for this week.
Hope you like them.
I used stickles glue on the front to highlight parts of the design.
The tag is a Tim Holtz stamp, other than that the cards were made using the masterboards from Monday.

Close-up of the imsert.

 Stickles detail.

Back soon with the next sample.
Crafty Hugs,
Angela x

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

BP Mini Me back again, hope you are all well.
It would seem that they like hares here as I have found another one.
Quite a good looking chap, what do you think?

They do spend a lot of time looking into the sky,
can't imagine what they expect to see lol!
I'm looking but still cannot see anything but clouds.
Oh well!
He has a friend somewhere but haven't found hare yet(joke lol! gosh I am funny, well I think so).
Must go and look for her.
Back soon,
BP Mini Me x

Monday, 11 November 2013

Masterboard Monday

Hi Blogbuddies been making some Christmas masterboards.
I have been so busy that I have neglected my christmas cards but must get going or no-one will get one this year and that wont do, will it lol!
So, I have started with some simple masterboards, 'killing two birds with one stone' really as my next project for Ali-Craft uses these stamps.

The stamps are by Jo Firth-Young for Paper Artsy and are JOFY 06 Collection Christmas Stamps.
 At this stage I have not added any colour but stamped onto various colours of card with different coloured inks and embossing powders.
They are now ready for the next stage.
 Few close-ups of the masterboards.

Back soon to show you what I have done with these.
Crafty Hugs,
Angela x

Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Adventure of BP Mini Me

Hi to you all BP here, I cannot believe it!!!
Look at this mess, time she got some tidying up done.
How does she expect to get things made with all this lying around.

Better go, she's coming back.

BP Mini Me x

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Just a quick message today for Anne.
Pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better.

From your friend BP Mini Me x

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi Mini friends BP back again.
Managed to escape the sofa before one of those fat dogs arrived.
Now what about this place?

Been here before but didn't realise what a good hiding place it might be.
Perhaps these two dogs might be some use after-all lol!
Back soon,
BP Mini Me.

Monday, 4 November 2013

White On White

Been otherwise occupied Blogfriends and not got round to a Monday Masterboard, wedding cards, birthday cards, DT projects and challenges but here is the White on White card I made for the Ali-Craft Blog DT samples, hope you like it.

Lots of die cutting and embossing. The dies were Spellbinders and the background, embossing folder, was Creative Expressions by Sue Wilson and is called Cascading Hearts. I used various textured cards to add to the effect.

This is unusual for me as there is no stamping at all, even the sentiment inside and out is embossed with a cuttlebug folder.

Finished it off with ribbon and brads.
Happy Crafting lol!
Back soon,
Angela x

Sunday, 3 November 2013

The Adventures of BP Mini Me

Hi BP here, I may have found another hideout, let me know what you think lol!!


Which colour suits me best?

Actually I'm not convinced about this place as someone might sit on me lol!!!
Maybe it's not such a good idea after all.
One of those fat dogs could arrive, then what?
Better look again.
BP Mini Me x

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