Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lavinia Stamps Downloadable Designs. Fairies on Fabric.

Hi  Blogbuddies, I'm going back to my roots for this one.
I am making some samples for Tracey at Lavinia Stamps using some of her new downloads.
If you haven't already seen these, click on the link above which will take you directly to them.
Tracey also sells the printable media you need for this technique.
If there is enough interest I will post the complete set of instructions for some of the products I am making.
Hope you will leave a comment if you are interested.

For my first sample I decided to make a waistcoat.
I used the Inkjet Printing Cotton and the Autumn Hues download.
I then cut the printed design in half.

After cutting out the waistcoat pattern I attached the printed fabric to the two sides of the waistcoat using bonderweb to stick it down though it could easily be tacked down instead.

At this stage the waistcoat is ready for the stitch detail to be carried out.
I am using a very simple manual sewing machine deliberately so that anyone who has a machine that is capable of straight stitch and
zig-zag could easily make something similar.
I hope you will leave a comment if you are interested in seeing the stages in the making of this product.
Back soon.
Crafty hugs,
Angela x


  1. Sounds like an interesting project Angela :) look forward to seeing the finished waistcoat
    Von ♥

  2. The image has printed out beautifully on the cotton Angela - I look forward to seeing the finished waistcoat too! Hugs, Anne x

  3. Wow printing on fabric, I've never seen before. It looks so great, wonderful design with these leafes. I think your vest will look very good, if it is ready.


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