Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

BP Mini Me back again, hope you are all well.
It would seem that they like hares here as I have found another one.
Quite a good looking chap, what do you think?

They do spend a lot of time looking into the sky,
can't imagine what they expect to see lol!
I'm looking but still cannot see anything but clouds.
Oh well!
He has a friend somewhere but haven't found hare yet(joke lol! gosh I am funny, well I think so).
Must go and look for her.
Back soon,
BP Mini Me x


  1. LOL.... BP Mini Me, I guess the hare wants you to tickle his chin. (My dog sits like this when she wants to be tickled) ;)

    Claudia x

  2. You are very funny BP Mini Me and I love your new friend, I think he is moon watching...... Hugs, Anne x


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