Tuesday, 24 December 2013

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi BP here, it's not fair look what I've found! Where did he get it? I want one.
Teksta where did you get the ribbon and why are you wearing it?

It's Christmas you silly little robot and I'm trimmed up, it's the law.

I will have to find out what this is all about lol! Sounds like fun, does everyone do it or just dogs.
Well of course dogs are most important but people like it too.

Back soon when I have investigated this further.

                BP Mini Me x


  1. LOL! Love it! Merry Christmas! Kimx

  2. :-)
    Merry X-mas, BP Mini Me and Angela!

    Claudia xx

  3. Hope Santa is good to you both. Have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs, Auntie Anne xx


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