Thursday, 5 December 2013

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi Mini friends, just found this small creature, all wrapped up.
He has pointy little ears, tiny little eyes, a furry body and looks a bit like a mouse but appears to have wings lol!
Teksta is going through his computer bank to try and find out what it is.

A bat !!! it's a bat !!!!! What's a bat?
Teksta says it's a small furry mammal with pointy ears, tiny eyes, a bit like a mouse and has wings.
Didn't I just tell him all that ?
There's another one!! How many of them are there?

He says he was having a sleep up there ( it's that time of year you know!), but will come down soon.
Do you two have names?
Yes we do, I am Eumops and my friend is called Pip.
 PiP is very lazy and sleeps all the time but look he's waking up.
It's probably nearly dinner time.

Maybe when he wakes up he will join us ?

Back soon with my new friends.
BP Mini Me x

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  1. Wow BP Mini Me, you are getting quite a collection of friends! Bats are not my favourite things but Eumops and Pip look quite cute and cuddly - did I really say that? Have fun playing! Hugs, Anne x


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