Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hardening compound. Powertex.

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And for all my dear Blogging Friends,
Just a small sample so far using the fabric hardener, Powertex that I mentioned on Wednesday.

The only disadvantage with this is that you can get a bit messy and it does stick to fibres and fabrics and that includes brushes which must be kept in water when not in use, if you wash it off quickly you can remove it.
An apron and gloves are a good idea.
Anyway here is my first sample which uses a piece of curtaining fabric and a plaster head, plus the hardener, glue, paint brush, plastic plate and pigment colours.

  • First you need to begin by pouring a very small amount of the hardener into a plastic plate, (say three tablespoons) and then thoroughly cover the chosen fabric, ring this out occasionally until it is completely covered.
  • Next paint the underside of the plaster head or other object and place it on top of the fabric. Arrange the fabric into a pleasing shape and using a little more of the hardener, paint the face with it.
You have about an hour to play around with the arrangement after which time the hardener will start to set though it is not completely solid for about three days.
  • When the fabric is fairly firm it is time to add the colour.
  • Place a little of the glue onto a craft mat and dip the brush in it and then into the pigment and mix it together, a little white pigment can be used to lighten the colours.
  • Apply the colour to the fabric by dry brushing and finish with a little metallic colour if wished to make the colours stand out.
All you need to do now is leave the fabric to harden. It should then be waterproof too, though you can always add extra varnish to protect it particularly if it will be displayed outside.

The hardener I have used is Bronze but it is available in other colours too.

Hope you liked my first effort with this very interesting medium.

Happy crafting,
Angela x


Sue said...

Hello Angela,
Love your first effort the piece of Art you have created is conceptually wonderful.

Ingrid Kristina V said...

Angela! This is a great idea, a gorgeous work of art and a brilliant way of up cycling too! Sod the good ol' cornstarch! Bring on Powertex! :) I must check it out! This has opened up so many possibilities!! Thank you for sharing! Xx

Ruth said...

Hi Angela, playing catch up again but so glad I've dropped by this morning. Only heard about this product last night and no idea what it did, but as luck would have it you have done a fabulous tutorial. I am loving the results and this piece is awesome...the colours and texture...wonderful result and only your first 'play'. Will definitely be checking this product out. Ruth xx

JackieP Neal said...

Wow Angela! Very cool! This medium looks like something I might try! I love your face peeking out of the fabric- almost fairy like! xo

Redanne said...

It certainly looks like interesting stuff Angela and I do LOVE what you created with it, it is an amazing and very creative piece. I am so looking forward to seeing what else you do with this Powertex stuff! Anne xx

pam said...

Love your first project with this hardener Angela, never heard of it myself.. looking forward to your next project.

Pamellia Johnson said...

I think it might be worth the mess Angela because the result you got is truly amazing! This looks like a work of art that you would see in a museum, WOWSERS!! Stunning! hugs :)

Dee Adams said...

Brilliant! love what you have done very clever. Dee x


Very nice
Love powertex .. Hubby not impressed says I should sell my creations
Made a fairy garden .

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