Powertex is a fabric hardener , environmentally friendly alternative to acrylics.
You can use it for various types of artwork such as 3D, paintings, canvas work, altered objects, jewellery.
I'm sure we'll find other ways to use it too.

It easily mixes with sand and other powders to create texture.
There is also something called Stone Art which when mixed with the Powertex liquid with create a self hardening modelling paste.

So that's just an idea of what this is all about and I will be posting here a few examples of my projects.

Tutorial for this Restructured Polystyrene Ball can be found here:

Hope you enjoy checking this out.
Angela xXx

Weekend Retreat.

Day 1.

Day 2.

If you would like to see how these progressed just click on the day.


Retructured Clothing! can be found here:


Canvas Design can be found here:

This is where the project started and how it was made.


Ali Craft Workshop can be found here:


Powertex Figures can be found here:


What else would you do with an old bottle and a piece of Polystyrene!


My first experience with Powertex, love it!
Find the report here:

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