Thursday, 18 June 2015

Ali-Craft Workshops.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
Hi everyone just here to show you what I made yesterday at another great workshop at Ali-Craft.

This time I used a paper mache torso/mannequin and started by covering it with Stoneart which is also by Powertex and is powdered paper which can also be made into a clay like substance.

And the next stage...
I'm just about to start applying the hardener to the fabric but it's not easy for me to take photographs at this stage as the camera would also end up as a powertex work of art too!
So here is the mannequin almost finished.
I have wrapped plastic around the skirt while I touch up the top of the body.
This will give you a better idea of what the dress looks like and I have started the dry brushing at this stage.
She may look wet here but is actually quite dry though not solid yet.
I had helped the process on a little with a heat gun but for this a hairdryer is actually better.

The light was a bit brighter in the afternoon which shows up the colour better. At this stage I also added some red Treasure Gold which really makes the folds pop.

And finally here she is at home.
I have deliberately allowed some of the brown Powertex to show through the Stoneart as I think it gives the body a nice textured look but you could cover it completely by building up the Stoneart or using Ivory if you don't like the brown showing through.
I also added a small embellishment at the waist.

Back views.

You can probably see the beads and sequins in the underskirt which were already on the fabric.

Embellishments on the fabric you use is not a problem and I think it actually enhances the finish.

I am planning to start a canvas soon using similar techniques.
Hope you enjoyed looking and if you fancy joining us for a workshop just click on the yellow box at the side of my blog which will take you to the Ali-Craft Workshops site.
Thanks for stopping by, if you have questions just leave me a comment, in fact you can leave me one anyway because love them!
Happy crafting,
Angela xXx



  1. You really are doing some wonderful work with the Powertex Angela, I love how you draped the skirt and the red Treasure Gold highlights the folds beautifully! Love this. Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Another great project Angela - just fab what you can do with a bit of stoneart, and some fabric xx

  3. This is just delicious, Angela - love the combination with the brown bits peeking through. Gorgeous!

  4. Hello Angela,
    You are creating great work,.

  5. WOW! So very cool Angela!! I love to see your photos of this- this is something outside my realm ,but totally intrigues me!
    happy weekend my friend! xo

  6. Looks fabulous. Powertex takes things to another level, I keep seeing it at the NEC shows, this proves to me I need it!!

  7. It is amazing how you get the folds to looks so natural. I know it isn't that easy but you make it look like it. The color with the gold is beautiful!

  8. Hi Angela! Your work is always amazing and I'm so fascinated by your Powertex explorations.. Love the results! I have the clear Powertex and somehow I haven't got it out yet! I simply must! ;) thank you for your sweet comment too. It's so nice to know that some of my bloggy friends read the magazine! :) hugs,
    Ingrid xxx

  9. Your powertex object looks very amazing. I like these kind of artworks. Very good.
    That reminds me of the old bottle of powertex I own since a few years. I must use it in the next time. Thanks for your inspiration.
    Dear Greetings


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