Monday, 30 September 2013

Masterboard Monday

Hi  Bloggbuddies  these are not strictly speaking masterboards but are pages from a journal I am working on.
I tend to use this as a technique journal to try out ideas.

This page was sprayed with cosmic shimmer sprays and the clouds rubbed on with a sponge using ripped card as a mask.
The edge is a world globe stamp by Dimension Fourth, though it's not that clear on the photograph.
I already had an idea in mind for this page as I had collected several mini stamps from Clarity.
I found the world globe in a magazine and cut it out to use on the page and then stamped around it.
Not sure what else I am going to do on this page but I often start a page and then leave it for a while and come back to it later.
Sometimes I will colour several at the same time ready for when an idea strikes lol!.
These are a couple of pages that I am working on at the moment,
as you can see they are a bit fishy and will soon be Steampunk Fishy lol!
The weed is actually octopus tentacles from part of a stamp by Viva Las Vega Stamps.

The background for this was direct to paper with distress inks, I sprayed water on it allowing the ink to run a little and then blotted it.
The stamps are by:
Paper Artsy - fish.
Dimension Fourth - bubbles.
Back soon,
Angela x


Saturday, 28 September 2013

Birthday Card

Hi  Bloggies  people will insist on having birthdays when I am so busy lol! However, I have managed to fit in another birthday card.
Hope you like it.

I am trying to use up some old patterned papers so I have combined them with embossing folders and Spellbinder's dies.

The little butterflys are the waste bits which came out of the round die.
They are so cute!

Finished the card off with a selection of brads.

That's all for now.
Carry on crafting.
Angela x

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Boilerplate Mini Me

Hi Blogbuddies  I could not resist the challenge at SanDee and Amelie's.
This month they have asked us to make a doll or a robot.

I knew what I wanted to make, (in my head at least) but it took a while to work out how to do it.
Once I got it together I made it fairly quickly lol!

Before I go any further I should explain the robot's name.
Many of you who are interested in Steampunk may already have heard of Boilerplate.
He was a fictional robot and the brainchild of the artist Paul Guinan. Guinan photo-shopped Boilerplate in a variety of historical settings and some people believed that the stories were true.
Anyway, that's were my little robot got his name from.

These are the things I started with:
  • A multi vitamin tub,
  • A bottle top,
  • The lid off an air-freshener,
  • Roll of Aluminium Foil Tape.
Never let it be said that I don't recycle lol!

 I covered these with the sticky back Aluminium Foil Tape available at Screw Fix and B&Q (normally used for pipe lagging and duct sealing).
Next I cut the strips into small pieces and attached them roughly to create the background.
The tape also works well when embossed as you will see later.

I think it already looks quite cute, what do you think?
The next stage was to emboss the aluminium foil that was to be used to complete the texture on the body and then I cut this into small pieces and attached it to the body, head, neck and wheels.
This was then coloured with Black Alcohol ink which was allowed to dry and then rubbed down to remove the excess colour which leaves it with an antique appearance.

For this I needed:
  • Tim Holtz embossing folder,
  • Spellbinders 3D M-Bossibilities Creative Cogs and Industrial embossing folders,
  • Ranger Black alcohol Ink,
  • A soft white cloth,
  • A Tim holtz blending tool,
  • Ranger Blending solution.
When applying the alcohol ink, I find it best to dab it on, if possible and if the tool dries just add more blending solution and/or ink.
It is possible to seal the colour but I find that after rubbing it down there is very little colour that comes off it.
  • I also made a pair of wheels which were attached with wire,
  • A pair of paper clips were used for ears,
  • A pair of Teddy bear eyes,
  • A pair of light bulbs for ears,
  • A Tim Holtz Key (every robot needs a key to wind him/her up),
  • Buttons for wheel hubs.
  • A heart stud, every Tin Man needs a heart lol!
  • Fancy silver pipe cleaner wires twisted to make the arms,
  • His sleeves are the numbers off an old ski lock.

    I attached the head so that it could move allowing for repositioning, giving the robot a life of it's own lol! (He does tend to look a bit like a nodding dog sometimes).
    The above picture has set me thinking that he could have spare heads (like the robot on Red Dwarf), perhaps he could have a special Sunday head or a party head, or am I just going completely mad lol!!!

    And here he is in various poses.

    Now that's got to be cute!!!

    Back and side views.

    And here he is having found a few friends.

What a transformation from an old tub and a few waste tops.
All thanks to SanDee and Amelie for their inspirational challenges.
Big Hugs
Angela x
I am entering my robot at SanDee and Amelie's "Dolls and Robots September Challenge"

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Masterboard Card Ideas

Hi  Blogging Friendsback with the next sample again using black card for the main section and the remains of the masterboard.
I have only used one A4 sheet of Masterboard to create the two cards so good value for money!

I also stamped the wings from the stamp set ( Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells) and added a large gem. The brads were attached before mounting the card sections.
I have included a birthday tag.

Really like this one although I hadn't planned it, the clock on the insert appears to be peeking out through the card.
It's so cute lol!
Close-up of the front section.

It seems strange but the clocks do feel kind of cute, maybe it's the angle I stamped them but I do like the look.
Bye for now,
Angela x

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Masterboard Card Ideas

Hi Bloghopping  friends, here are the cards made with the Masterboard.

I have not added a sentiment to this card as I am not sure at this stage who it will go to or for what occasion.
I used a sheet of A4 black card and intended trimming it to make a square card but folded the bottom section up to create a pocket.
I like to have a nice insert even if it's done quite simply as it finishes the card off nicely.

The clock at the front came from the sample sheet made earlier.

I completed the card with the addition of black gems and a grey ribbon for the tag.

Back tomorrow with the next sample.
Big Hugs, Angela x

Monday, 23 September 2013

Masterboard Monday

As we are moving towards October  Bloggettes, I felt it was time to think about Halloween cards.
I used the following masterboard to decorate an envelope but feel it has more possibilities for Halloween cards.

I love this clock stamp and the text.

Just a reminder, this is the envelope that I made using this masterboard.
I hope the next piece will be quite different.
Back soon with samples.
Angela x


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Steampunk Festival

Hi Blogbuddies just a few more photos, hope you are not getting bored but I know there are people out there who will be loving this!

A Steampunk exhibition including works from the Victorian Steampunk Society in conjunction with the Asylum Festival is on show at 'The Collection' Museum, Lincoln.

I have picked out my favourites from the exhibition.

The Collection included the following introduction to the exhibition.
The Victorian Steampunk Society will be running a Steampunk Art Exhibition through August, building up to the Asylum Festival during September. Steampunk art derives its origins ultimately from science fiction; many people assume that it is a fairly modern culture, believing its existence to begin in 1987, the first time the term 'steampunk' was used. However, steampunk's influence can be seen in writers such as Jules Verne, HG Wells, Mary Shelley and even Bram Stoker who incorporated the style of steam-powered futuristic machinery.

The style of steampunk is most recognisable as retro-futuristic inventions as people of the 19th century may have envisioned. These 'inventions' include elements of a steam-powered society, incorporating aesthetics of 19th century Victorian culture/American Wild West; drawing in perspectives of the era's fashion, culture, architectural style and art.

Due to the immersive culture of steampunk, artists have many different avenues to pursue; the most recognisable would be their fashion, however sculpture and fine art drawings and paintings are also highly popular. Steampunk can also be seen in more modern culture attributes such as comics and film.

The Steampunk Art Exhibition running at The Collection is curated by John Naylor of the Victorian Steampunk Society and will include works by Nigel Williams.

Really pleased I managed to catch it.
Angela x

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Steampunk Festival

Hi Steambloggers  more photographs today from the Steampunk Festival.

Todays offerings are rather smart.


One of the things that stands out for me, is the range of ages that attended.
What a great weekend it was (this was Saturday).
Angela x

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Steampunk Festival

Hi  Blogpunks  more photographs as promised. 
It is difficult to know what to post as I took so many, hope you are not getting bored lol!

Well here goes.


I have posted these together as they were some of the more unusual costumes.
Hope you like them.
Angela x

Monday, 16 September 2013

Steampunk Festival Lincoln

Hi  Bloggy  friends, no masterboard today but I have something special instead, just for this week!

This weekend Lincoln has been hosting it's annual Steampunk Festival and I went along to enjoy the fun.
There were surprised faces from the many tourists who had no idea that this was on and it is true to say that it is not that well publicised.
For those of you who were unable to attend here are a few photographs for your pleasure.

          What a stunning couple.

       Absolutely my favourite dress.


Hope you enjoyed that.
More tomorrow,
Angela x

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Greeting card

Hi Blogosities  thought I would post this card as it uses the same rose stamp that I used in an earlier post.
I had mentioned that I thought it would work well for a range of occasions and I have used it this time for an anniversary card.

It is quick and easy to make but I think it works.
The rose section was stamped three times on separate card and coloured before being layered and added to the main card.

I stamped the rose again onto the insert.
Finished it off with a spellbinders label die and the green ribbon.

And that's your lot.
See you soon,
Angela x
P.S. for anyone interested, starting Monday I will be posting photographs from the Steampunk Festival which took place in Lincoln this weekend.
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