Monday, 9 September 2013

Masterboard Monday

Hi Blogmates  I have survived the weekend and managed to do some crafting.

Here is another of my masterboard efforts, I actually had this one in my folder just waiting to be made up into something.
This is what I like about the technique, you just play around with inks and a light stamping and then leave it until you feel in the mood or you are short of time and you have a half made backing paper just begging to be used lol!

This is a piece of A3 paper which I sprayed and swiped with a combination of red, turquoise and a little green ink.
I then added a text stamp in red and black and that was it.
I have probably had this shet of paper in my folder for months but now it will be transformed!

    Here you can see the full A3 sheet.

This is a close-up of part of the paper.
And these are my initial samples.
And a close-up.

Card samples to follow tomorrow.
Bye for now,
Angela x

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