MDF and 3D assembly projects.

Sometimes I just like to mix things up a bit and when I do you'll find the results here.

                MDF Assembly Projects. 


Light up your Christmas. 


'Her Secret Wish'

                               Project by the Creative Craft Accademy.                  Details for this project can be found here:


'Gothic Cabinet' by Hobbilicious.
info here:
Just a few photographs of the stages in making.

The set arrives with clear instructions which is good.

And it's easy to put together.

I finished the top but didn't glue it in as it's easier to work inside the section unless you have very tiny hands.

After attaching the side pieces I wrapped some cord around the bottom of the roof to keep it in place while it dried.

And it looks like this.
To get the grey board to curve nicely I roll it around a tube first so that it's the correct shape rather than flat.

And so it's time to add the detail.

There was time while everything was drying to do some moulding.

And then start attaching everything.

If you look closely you will see that I have stenciled the background before adding the moulded pieces and added a layer of Gesso too. That was a stencil by Finnabair.

Dragon piece by Prosvet.

A few little gems added and I've added some decorative paper to the back wall.

My idea here was to build up a little story across the back section but you will have to use your own imagination here as to what it's about.

Lot's of paint next.

Back and the drawer sections.

Then the colour with acrylic paint and a dry brush.

And the finished project.

With a few of the treasures from my collection of dragons and Quartz crystal wands which just seemed to suit it and the sweet little pocket watch.

I'm going to keep quite now so that you can just enjoy looking.

Happy creating my friends
Hugs, Angela xXx

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