Wednesday, 30 April 2014

WOYWW #256 : What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday

Hi Bloggies another week on my desk and desks throughout the world, brought to you by our host Julia at the Stamping Ground.

And this is my desk today.
Not much change there, just enough space to work, well! how much space do you need lol!

Been working on a Paper Mache letter.

Other than that you can see the usual collection of craft equipment, like, glue/glues, trays for embossing, baby wipes, embossing ink pad, heat resistant mat, double sided tape, dies, ink pads, acrylic blocks, you've seen it all before probably on hundreds of desks. These are things we cannot manage without.

And so to the project for this week.
After covering the letter with gesso, I painted it all over with EcoGreen Raspberry acrylic paint and then added crackle glaze and allowed it to dry.

Next add the top coat in this case Sand and watch the magic happen!
I can't help it I still love to see the cracking appear lol!

Gorgeous effect.

Decided to cut out and attach stars for the back.

And then started stamping the flowers, 'Punky Flowers' by Chocolate Baroque, first on cream card.

This is a paper I made some weeks earlier using the Gelli Plate.
I stamped the flowers here too.

I stamped some of the flowers directly onto the letter, cut out some of the flowers from the patterned paper and attached them to the stamped images.

And this is where I am at the moment.
Will post the completed letter tomorrow.
Hope you will pop over to some of the other workdesks as I am sure they will have exciting things on the go.
Happy Crafting,
Angela x

Monday, 28 April 2014

Masterboard Card Ideas

Hi Blogging Buddies,  following my post on Wednesday I decided to use the background paper I made using the Art Quest Mica Paints and this is the result.
This is the Masterboard as seen on Wednesday, instructions for making it are to be found on the posting.

I decided to stamp my chosen focal point onto Vellum and then heat embossed the image.
This stamp is from the 'Taste of India' set by Sheena Douglas.

You can see from above that I have highlighted sections of the flower. This is done by turning the vellum over and with a ballpoint tool, rub the area very gently as too much pressure could make a hole.
This causes the vellum to turn white which can clearly be seen on the right side.

I also stamped a birthday sentiment and heat embossed it.
Next, I matted and layered the flower and the background paper with blue and gold card, reflecting colours from the Masterboard which are slightly visible under the vellum.
I added ribbon, brads and gems to complete the design.

Just thought I would show you this.
As the background paper was so nice I have only attached the brads at the top so that the vellum lifts to reveal the colours beneath.

And finally a close-up of the flower which also shows the positioning of the gems.

I shall definitely be making this background effect again.
Hope you liked it too.
Happy Crafting,
Angela x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

WOYWW 255. What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Hi Blogbuddies another week on my desk and desks throughout the world, brought to you by our host Julia at the Stamping Ground.

And this is my desk today.
Mmm, well, I had tidied the desk but as you can see, I have messed it all up again!, no surprise there then, lol!.
I have been working with some new stamps and embossing folders by Sheena Douglas, A Taste of India.

 For my first sample I decided to use the temple stamp.

Having stamped the image, I applied perfect medium ink and embossed it with clear powder and then mounted the border as you can see below.

I made the Masterboard earlier in the week, it is on the Monday posting.
It looks like this:

I just need to put them together now and make them into something.
I don't want to keep you too long but what do you think of this:
It looks really harsh when you start it.
But look at it now, completely different.
This is another of the techniques used by Sheena, the mica paint has been rubbed over with gilding wax, gorgeous or what?

I will be back soon with the samples I have put together using these techniques.
Hope you will pop along to see what the other desks are up to today and many thanks for visiting.

Happy Crafting,
Angela x

Monday, 21 April 2014

Masterboard Monday.

Hi Blogging friends  happy Easter to you all.
I have the new stamp and embossing set from Sheena Douglas, A Taste of India, so couldn't resist giving them a try.
These are the stamps in the set.

I often use A3 cartridge paper for my Masterboards which I have used for this project but it depends what you intend using it for. You need to remember that some cartridge paper can be quite thin so it is only suitable for certain techniques that will not wet the paper too much.
When adding colour, I tend to dry it between applications.
Before I add any stamping or other detail, I like to place it under my cutting mat which is quite heavy, when you come back to it the paper is nice and flat.

For this project I started off by stamping the leaves with clear embossing ink and clear embossing powder.
This will leave the design with areas of white when the projects finished.

 Next I added the colours using a Big and Juicy Hydrangea ink pad.
Left this to dry and then stamped the leaves again with the clear ink and embossing powder so that this time when the design is finished you will see the colours.

I buffed up the leaves with a soft cloth. Because they have been embossed the cloth will remove the excess ink from the leaves and make them shine.

I then added brown distress ink all over which brings out the colours beneath very clearly.
I decided to cut the A3 paper in half and then used two of the embossing folders to finish the masterboard.
I added brown stazon to the embossed areas.

These are close-ups showing the finished designs.  

The papers are now ready to be used for a product.
Hope you like my first efforts with these stamps and embossing folders and I will be back soon with
some card samples I have made.
Happy Crafting,
Angela x

Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi to you all, I am back on my shelf where it's nice and safe but I AM BORED!!!
It's no good I will have to go walkabout again.

I enjoyed my visit to the garden so much that I decided to have another look  and managed to persuade the boy dog to take me out.
He didn't seem very keen though lol!
I think he's afraid he may get into bother.

We met this cat outside but he doesn't seem very chatty and looks a bit pale lol!

Next I thought I would spend a while looking at the fish, it's very relaxing here in the sun.

Very nice here too.

Better get back now before anyone realises I am missing.
Hope you have many happy adventures until I see you again.
BP Mini Me x

Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Cards.

Hi Bloggers and happy Easter.
I have been making Easter cards, as you might have guessed.

This started as an A3 sheet of paper (yes it was another Masterboard). My dear friend Gloria has strted calling me the Masterboard lady lol!
I sprayed the backgound with inks and then stamped the plants, grass and the hares with black Archival ink.
 The next stage was to cut everthing to size and stamp the hares again this time onto the card blank.

I stamped the sentiment and then finally, attached the ribbon and brad and layered everthing.


The equipment used for this poject was:
  • Cosmic Shimmer mica inks.
  • Clarity Hare stamps.
  • The grasses and plant stamps are by Inkadinkado.
  • The 'happy' stamp is Woodware but not sure about the Easter stamp.
Thanks for stopping by to look at my desk today.
Hope you will leave me a little comment as I would love to hear what you think about this project.
Bye for now and happy crafting,
Angela x


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

WOYWW 254: What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Hi Blogbuddies another week on my desk and desks throughout the world, brought to you by our host Julia at the Stamping Ground.

And here is my desk this week:
I started this project earlier in the week but the weather turned nice and we decided to do the gardening while we had the chance.
But it's nearing completion now.

I started this on Monday (Monday is always Masterboard Day here),
where you will find full instructions for making this.
And this is how it looked finished.

Not very exciting at this stage until you turn it into something.
This might make a good fathers' day card perhaps.

I also started making some ATCs.

Which might also make good toppers?

I think this Masterboard could prove very useful, what do you think?
Thanks for stopping by and happy WOYWW.
Back soon,
Angela x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Masterboard Card Ideas or BP Mini Me?

Hi to you all, BP here.
She has sent me to apologise as she had promised to show you some products made from this week's Masterboard however, the weather was so good today that we all went into the garden. There was plenty of gardening to be done I can tell you, lol!
I have never been in the garden before so it was a whole new experience for me.
I have seen Teksta looking through the window, actually that's all he ever does as you can see.

Well... it's been a lovely day and I have seen some giant flowers.
This photograph was taken before they cut the grass today.

Then I found some trees, this is very strange as these are smaller than the flowers.
Still they are definitely more my size!

You can see how sunny it has been as my suit is very shiny.
It's a bit like the seaside here although I have never been there I have seen it on the TV thing.
I must be very careful as there are some very large fish and they may like the taste of plastic lol!

Anyway she says, she will try and get the samples made before the end of the week.
I am more interesting than her anyway and have far more fans than her lol!
Bye for now,
BP Mini Me x

Monday, 14 April 2014

Masterboard Monday.

Hi Bloghoppers, here to show you a new Masterboard. I'm not sure this quite turned out how I expected lol! but it's okay, what do you think?
I had an idea in mind as I wanted to make this using a mask.
There are so many ways to use these but decided to apply the ink using a brayer as I wanted to get the ink on as quickly as possible and a brayer will do this.

I am using:
A3 cartridge paper.
The mask is by Crafters Workshop.
The Ink is Big and Juicy Hydrangea.

The first stage is to apply the ink through the mask using the brayer.

The next stage is to spray the mask which wets the ink left on the surface (waste not want not lol!).
Place the paper over the mask and smooth it to ensure the colour is transfered.
Allow this to dry as it is not a good idea to allow the paper to get too wet. 
 Next add some stamping using Dylusion and Tim Holtz stamps.


And here is the finished Masterboard.
I plan to be back tomorrow with the finished samples.
Back soon,
Angela x 



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