Saturday, 19 April 2014

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi to you all, I am back on my shelf where it's nice and safe but I AM BORED!!!
It's no good I will have to go walkabout again.

I enjoyed my visit to the garden so much that I decided to have another look  and managed to persuade the boy dog to take me out.
He didn't seem very keen though lol!
I think he's afraid he may get into bother.

We met this cat outside but he doesn't seem very chatty and looks a bit pale lol!

Next I thought I would spend a while looking at the fish, it's very relaxing here in the sun.

Very nice here too.

Better get back now before anyone realises I am missing.
Hope you have many happy adventures until I see you again.
BP Mini Me x

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  1. Hi BP Mini Me, you certainly picked a good day to go walkabout, it was beautiful yesterday. The boy dog is nearly as cute as you, not so sure about the cat though..... hope you have a great Easter weekend! Hugs, Auntie Anne xx


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