Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Masterboard Card Ideas or BP Mini Me?

Hi to you all, BP here.
She has sent me to apologise as she had promised to show you some products made from this week's Masterboard however, the weather was so good today that we all went into the garden. There was plenty of gardening to be done I can tell you, lol!
I have never been in the garden before so it was a whole new experience for me.
I have seen Teksta looking through the window, actually that's all he ever does as you can see.

Well... it's been a lovely day and I have seen some giant flowers.
This photograph was taken before they cut the grass today.

Then I found some trees, this is very strange as these are smaller than the flowers.
Still they are definitely more my size!

You can see how sunny it has been as my suit is very shiny.
It's a bit like the seaside here although I have never been there I have seen it on the TV thing.
I must be very careful as there are some very large fish and they may like the taste of plastic lol!

Anyway she says, she will try and get the samples made before the end of the week.
I am more interesting than her anyway and have far more fans than her lol!
Bye for now,
BP Mini Me x


  1. Sounds like you enjoyed your day in the garden BP Mini Me, glad you didn't get too close to those fish though! Perhaps Teksta will be able to keep you company next time.... Hugs, Auntie Anne xx

  2. :D Thanks for sharing the photos and the story :)

  3. Cute! It sounds like you had a real blast working in the garden and enjoying the weather. Blessings!


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