Wednesday, 26 February 2014

What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday 247.

This is my first real go at Julia's WOYWW so I hope you will be gentle with me lol!
I shall do my best to visit you all and want to thank those who visited my blog despite my very late post last week.
So here goes nothing!

 First Spot The Difference.



Go on say it.
Where is the difference?
I have been very busy and the table  1.  had become so cluttered that I ran out of space so tidied it up 2.
Well it was tidy for a while lol!
Then I started my next Masterboard project and what do you know?
back to normal, Untidy! though maybe there is just a little more space than before.
 I don't think it will last long, I know you will understand.
That's the Life of a Crafter.

I haven't quite decided what to do with the papers yet so may have to tidy up again.
Back soon.
Angela x


  1. Wow Angela, it is wonderful to see where you create all your amazing pieces. Love your space. Hugs, Anne x

  2. Welcome to WOYWW! It's bonkers but completely wonderful :-)
    You have a busy desk (!!) there are many who are messier. Good sign of crafting enjoyment say I. My desk is usually reasonable tidy however as I sew and you can't cut out fabric in the midst of clutter!!
    Hugs, LLJ 43 xx

  3. Well I noticed the missing trays and tidy up! A messy desk is the sign of a great crafter! Enjoy! ♥ Karen ♥ 82 x

  4. I love a good tidy- and I love a mess too!
    thanks for your kind words. and letting me snoop around your place. You seem to have the hang of it!

  5. We completely understand about "untidy", Angela. we also understand that few people get round all of us each week. No good beating yourself up in order to do it!!
    Love the way your desk moves through the three pictures - great work going on here. Lovely pages - trust the inspiration to use them comes quickly for you.
    Margaret #59

  6. I see quite a few differences between pics 1 and 2. You're like me, I get so much stuff around me I have a 1' square area to work! Thanks for visiting and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #81

  7. Love the look of your desk ... Makes me want to delve right in and play! Papers look strokably lovely! By the way that is my word and I stand by it! Ha ha!

    Happy desk day, thanks for sharing!

    Catiecuddles #107

  8. love your craft
    Happyt WOYWW
    Peggy xxxx

  9. Hello Angela thanks for stopping by my nest, well I noticed the bigger space right away, and I love your master board, I've heard a few Ladies talking about them, well nothing is better than exchanging art and being able to add your own, have a wonderful day, Dianne #80

  10. It's a never ending cycle, we are continually on repeat, mess, tidy,mess,tidy....but it's best not to mess with what works...that's my Thanks for visiting, I hope you & hubby get to experience a show or sale again, it can be fun..Happy crafting
    DeDe #13

  11. Welcome to WOYWW Angela! Your desk and work are wonderful! Hope to see you again!
    xxDaniella @2

  12. Love that you showed us before and after photos of your area! :) Welcome to WOYWW! Thanks for your earlier visit to my space. #85

  13. Tidy is good, I love tidy but seldom achieve it. You will have fun with the papers

  14. I love, love, love your space and all your goodies are so close at hand! Thanks for your visit! Glenda #76

  15. Welcome to WOYWW, Angela! It is a universal law that it is far easier to make a mess than to stay tidy lol! I battle with this all the time. I am not good at putting things away when they are finished with, and it takes a lot of self discipline to do it!!

    Thanks for your nice comment - glad you like the teabag experiments. I am feeling lousy at the moment with a really bad throat infection and a cough which is wearing me out, so spending most of the time on the recliner watching TV and Youtube!!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #86

  16. hehe that made me laugh... tidy.. messy, tidy... messy etc much like my own desk. As for the spot the difference wasn't sure if you had put things away or brought more stash.....its a tough decision.
    the little drawers you like on my desk are from poundland if you are in the uk they are easy to find
    janet #38

  17. I loved the tag I saw on the way in to this post Angela, it's really beautiful. I don't see how you can make something like that and not make a bit of a mess so don't worry about it! The knitting is fun but I wouldn't always call it relaxing!

    Brenda 10

  18. Your crafty desk is so inviting ...... A hive of activity
    Sorry for being late returning visits but my eyes have been playing up
    Jackie 32

  19. Im late, but nevertheless, welcome to WOYWW! So, you moved some tubs off your desk...but where to, I wonder! Ike the master board progress. Funnily enough, I have a post to do about such things after a workshop last week.

  20. And I wanted to say...I also work myself into a square inch of often!!

  21. Hi there, gosh you made it a bit difficult to find you. Yes you left your number but sometimes these get misaligned. Your e-mail was signed Angela BUT you put Felix the Crafty Cat on the list so I had to go via your profile to make sure I was on the right desk than the the dreaded Google+. So flummoxed I haven't even had time to look at your desk!

    Oh Gosh I now see you are new and I'm not usually so harsh but have had a difficult time responding this week, please don't hold it against me but hopefully make it easier for us next week.

    Oh and good on you for tidying I do it all the time. BJ#30 although was #31 to start with and my blog is ccraftcorner!

  22. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  23. Now see it arrived anyways, life can only get better can't it! BJ#31

  24. Glad to have you join us! Thanks for visiting me. You have space to play and that's all that matters. ;-) Creative Blessings ! Kelly #95

  25. Yes Welcome to WOYWW. Papers look lovely, thanks for popping over to my desk. x


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