Thursday, 13 February 2014

Lavinia Stamps Fairies on Fabric.

Hi Blogging Friends  thought it would be nice to use some of the heart downloads as we are approaching Valentine's Day.

This is the download I used which is available from Lavinia Stamps.

 I also used wadding for the backing and various hand and machine embroidery threads.

Begin by tacking the wadding to the back of the fabric and then using hand stitching, embroider the detail to enhance the design.

There is no need for complicated stitch work, I use stitches such as Chain stitch, Back stitch, Running stitch, Stem stitch, French Knots and Satin stitch.

It is particularly nice if you are able to add some metallic threads as these work well as focal points.

The pictures below show the work in progress.

To give depth to the finished design it is better not to fill the whole of the printed design with stitchwork. By leaving some of the print it appears to fade into the background.

I also had an idea to create embellishments by printing onto shrink plastic to use with the fabric.

It is possible to buy shrink plastic which works in an inkjet printer. I purchased mine from the Stamp Man.

After printing the images I cut them out ready to shrink as I only wanted the hearts not the background.
Don't forget to punch a hole at this stage before shrinking the plastic.

I know that some people are a little nervous when using a heat gun  as the plastic curls up but in my experience if you just keep going it will flatten out again.

I often turn it over half way and then continue to heat it and....

I finish off by placing my old iron over the top,while it is still warm, to flatten the plastic.

I decided that the plastic needed colour on the back as the white seemed a bit harsh and then finished it with a Lavinia Stamps Fairy Words stamp and embossed it.

When the embroidery is complete, sew around the outside of each heart, this can be done with hand or machine stitching, to attach the wadding to the printed fabric.


Sew two of the hearts together, catching the ribbon in the centre as you sew and pad the inside. I attached the embellishments to the ribbon and finished it with a bow.

The more I use the downloads for Needle Art, the more I like them.
The designs are so gorgeous that it is easy to add as much or as little stitchwork as you wish and then use the finished project as wall art, place mats, sections on clothing, bags, table runners, tags, cushions, book covers and of course greeting cards, it is just endless and I am sure you will think of other ways to use them.

        That's all for now, back soon.
                  Angela x


  1. Your little heart cushions are an absolute delight, made even better with the shrink plastic hearts. Thanks for showing the 'how to' and for the great tips. A lovely post, as ever! Anne xx

  2. Exquisitely crafted, dear Angela ! So beautiful.


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