Thursday 26 September 2013

Boilerplate Mini Me

Hi Blogbuddies  I could not resist the challenge at SanDee and Amelie's.
This month they have asked us to make a doll or a robot.

I knew what I wanted to make, (in my head at least) but it took a while to work out how to do it.
Once I got it together I made it fairly quickly lol!

Before I go any further I should explain the robot's name.
Many of you who are interested in Steampunk may already have heard of Boilerplate.
He was a fictional robot and the brainchild of the artist Paul Guinan. Guinan photo-shopped Boilerplate in a variety of historical settings and some people believed that the stories were true.
Anyway, that's were my little robot got his name from.

These are the things I started with:
  • A multi vitamin tub,
  • A bottle top,
  • The lid off an air-freshener,
  • Roll of Aluminium Foil Tape.
Never let it be said that I don't recycle lol!

 I covered these with the sticky back Aluminium Foil Tape available at Screw Fix and B&Q (normally used for pipe lagging and duct sealing).
Next I cut the strips into small pieces and attached them roughly to create the background.
The tape also works well when embossed as you will see later.

I think it already looks quite cute, what do you think?
The next stage was to emboss the aluminium foil that was to be used to complete the texture on the body and then I cut this into small pieces and attached it to the body, head, neck and wheels.
This was then coloured with Black Alcohol ink which was allowed to dry and then rubbed down to remove the excess colour which leaves it with an antique appearance.

For this I needed:
  • Tim Holtz embossing folder,
  • Spellbinders 3D M-Bossibilities Creative Cogs and Industrial embossing folders,
  • Ranger Black alcohol Ink,
  • A soft white cloth,
  • A Tim holtz blending tool,
  • Ranger Blending solution.
When applying the alcohol ink, I find it best to dab it on, if possible and if the tool dries just add more blending solution and/or ink.
It is possible to seal the colour but I find that after rubbing it down there is very little colour that comes off it.
  • I also made a pair of wheels which were attached with wire,
  • A pair of paper clips were used for ears,
  • A pair of Teddy bear eyes,
  • A pair of light bulbs for ears,
  • A Tim Holtz Key (every robot needs a key to wind him/her up),
  • Buttons for wheel hubs.
  • A heart stud, every Tin Man needs a heart lol!
  • Fancy silver pipe cleaner wires twisted to make the arms,
  • His sleeves are the numbers off an old ski lock.

    I attached the head so that it could move allowing for repositioning, giving the robot a life of it's own lol! (He does tend to look a bit like a nodding dog sometimes).
    The above picture has set me thinking that he could have spare heads (like the robot on Red Dwarf), perhaps he could have a special Sunday head or a party head, or am I just going completely mad lol!!!

    And here he is in various poses.

    Now that's got to be cute!!!

    Back and side views.

    And here he is having found a few friends.

What a transformation from an old tub and a few waste tops.
All thanks to SanDee and Amelie for their inspirational challenges.
Big Hugs
Angela x
I am entering my robot at SanDee and Amelie's "Dolls and Robots September Challenge"


Claudia N. said...

Gosh, he is sooo cute! A brilliant make, Angela,

and so full of thought and whimsical gorgeousness! LOVE your Boilerplate robot! I can imagine him going through a lot of great adventures!

Thank you so much for joining us at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges! It's great to have you with us again!


Claudia - aka die amelie x

Keren Howell said...

Love him! He is just so cute! Brilliant make. xxx Keren

Redanne said...

I want one! Boilerplate is fabulous, you are so creative Angela, I love his eyes, his ears, his arms - everything. Brilliant work! Hugs, Anne x

Unknown said...

A great project, it made me smile all the way through it.
I could just picture you making your wonderful robot.
Hope you win the challenge
Ali x

Elly said...

What a great use of trash. His convincing glance is awesome (:o)

Von said...

He's darn cute, so full of character :)
Von ♥

Maura said...

I love how you transformed some ordinary things into this awesome robot!

Barb said...

What a great project. He does look very cute. Barbxx

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