Monday, 11 April 2016

Craft Retreat with Ali and Ian.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
I know it's Monday and you may have been expecting a Masterboard but I've been away all weekend at a Craft Retreat which some of you already know so today I'm here to show you what I've been up to.

Saturday we were working on three canvases. I chose to make a Triptych though some people only used one or two of the canvases.
I had an idea in mind of how I wanted it to look so got straight down to it. I tend to think that if you are making a Triptych you really need to have a plan before you start.
If you missed my post on Saturday you can find it Here.

So here is the result.

Here we all are at the start of the second day.

And the stages in making:

The fabric is soaked well in the Powertex liquid before being applied to the canvas and then the whole thing is painted thoroughly with a coat of the liquid.

You can see here that I have also added pieces of lace, small ceramic balls, net, cord and MDF circles.

And a close-up of the three pieces.

Everyone found their own way to use the techniques and here are a few examples.

Once the Powertex was dry it was time to start adding the colour.
This could be done in a number of ways but I chose to use colour sprays on mine.

My choice of colours is normally quite somber so this time decided to brighten things up a bit.

Not sure you can tell but I also added some clear gems in different sizes using cosmic shimmer glue to attach them which dries clear so the colours show through, gorgeous.
You can probably see it better here.

Each piece works well on it's own as well as a group and they can be turned to change the design.

Next I added Treasure Gold with a brush to highlight the relief.

To complete the design I brushed on Treasure Gold around the edge and splattered on some white paint to add a little more interest to the overall design. I also felt that this helped with the continuity of the three canvases.
And here they are once again completed.
Hope you enjoyed watching me make this project.
More to follow as there was one more day to go.
 Happy crafting,
Angela x


  1. Wow Angela, your triptych is superb! I love all that texture and the colours are gorgeous. Interesting to see the results the others got, too. I like the use of Powertex for this sort of thing better than the 3-D sculptural work really - it gives real depth to canvases, doesn't it.

    Have a great week,
    Shoshi x

  2. Love all the texture and dimension you created. Thanks for sending me the workshop link. Cara x

  3. Great step by step Angela. Lovely colours and wonderful textures. Barbxx

  4. The colours are so beautiful on your triptych Angela and I love your design, it is very fluid looking - now that's a project I would loved to have made. Thank you for sharing the other designs too, it must have been such a great weekend! Anne xx

  5. So pretty. I love things with texture and this is just gorgeous. Creative Blessings! Kelly

  6. Fabulous triptych Angela, the texture from the Powertex is wonderful! Deb xo

  7. Fabulous textures you've created, wonderful triptych Angela. Ruth xx


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