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Express your Personal Style.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi all this post follows my last visit to Calico Crafts blog who have a Design Team Call at the moment.
I was reading their request for entrants to show work that demonstrated their style.
That got me thinking about what I considered to be my own style and whether my work does actually reflect what I think it is.
It's a difficult question, maybe other people are in a better position to answer this but here goes anyway.

It set me on a route to find samples of my work that I felt reflects what I believe my style is.

I absolutely love mixed media, using fabric which is my original background having taught Textiles and Art for over 30 years, rummaging around DIY shops and antique stores to find artefacts which I can use in my projects and all the crafty stuff in between then mixing them up.

I am a glutton for techniques, old and new. I have to admit that I flit from one to the other as I often think of different techniques I could use whilst making something else so always have an idea in mind for the next project before I've finished the current one. 

So examples:
Love this canvas as I really mixed it up here with the Paper Mache mask, polystyrene ball, pieces of MDF and lots of spraying.

And this one really made me happy too. Another Paper Mache figure to start with, Tim Holts dies to cut the cogs and silver adhesive foil to cover it. The foil was covered in black paint which was then partly rubbed off to give a vintage feel.
The dragonflies where die cut from rainbow card and waste plastic from some packaging then embossed and attached to create the 3D effect.
Some of you may remember this one as it was featured in The Craft Stamper Magazine. I had great fun with the techniques on this one using crackle paints, texture mediums, fabrics, guilding waxes, stamping, stencils and lots of MDF.

I looked through all my samples in the hope of finding "My Style" and although these are three quite different pieces I believe they show my love of mixed media and the way I like to combine a variety of materials and techniques.
I would be pleased to hear what you think so by all means leave me a comment.
Happy crafting,
Angela x


  1. Great to see these projects again Angela. They are all wonderful and very creative. Good luck with your entry to Calico Crafts Design Team.
    Julie x

  2. Well you certainly have your own style Angela. I just swap and change and don't think I have a particular style.

    The work you do is absolutely stunning and I am always impressed when I visit your blog. I think probably my absolute favourite are the pieces you do with papier mache. I've been mind blown by your body forms. Have fun today. Barbxx

  3. I love your style Angela, it is quite eclectic and your love of mixed media shows through in all your work. I have loved seeing these projects again too. Wishing you luck, I really hope they choose you! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. I think your style is absolutely eclectic and electric! Each piece you've shown here gives off it's own personality and features. I think it would be hard to pin down a "style" I am like you in this regard, I create what I like and what pleases me! Best wishes on your application! hugs,Jackie
    ps...thanks for your comment this morn, I will work on that badge and so happy you are a follower! xoxo

  5. Wow, that's quite the amazing line up of projects Angela! You sure do work magic with the paper mache! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! hugs :)

  6. Beautiful pieces. I think you need to spend a lot of time establishing your own style, learning what works for you and what doesn't. I'm still at the start of that process, but you seem to have found your niche and your own expression, Cara x

  7. Love your canvas, very nice colored artwork and made with lot of fantasy. I also like your other small art objects, very good designed.
    Dear Greetings

  8. Lovely canter through your projects, think your style shines through them all!! Hugs Ruth xx


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