Thursday, 19 December 2013

Lavinia Stamps Fairies on Fabric

Hi Blogfriends, here is an update of where I am with the next sample.

Just a reminder of what I'm doing.
The original downloaded print is shown below with a collection of media which could be included in the project.

The first thing was to tack several layers of coloured Organza on the back of the print and then machine along some of the lines on the design.
Quite like the look of this but it's only the start.
She has a lot to go through yet lol!

Next I cut away parts of the surface fabric to show the organza, as seen below.

I know it looks a bit sad but this is the back showing the organza.

The face is sewn all the way round allowing a cut to be made so that some polyester stuffing can be inserted.
Once this was sewn up and the machining trimmed I tacked on a piece of interlining to the back to give a little more weight to the design.

Here you can see how the stuffing gives a 3D effect to the face.
At the moment the face looks very smooth and the features look very flat.

It is interesting to note the changes to the face when stitchwork is added, giving more depth to the features.

I decided to add the buttons next, these definitely add to the detail. 

I'm liking her already but there's a long way to go yet.

Hope you like her too.
Back soon with the next stage,
Angela x


  1. I do like her very much, she has such a beautiful face and you are so clever,bringing out her features like that. Look forward to seeing more of her. Festive hugs, Anne x

  2. Hi Angela,

    Wow! It's amazing to watch the progress of this and see the transformation! I came over to meet you from a link on my friend Redanne's blog, and I look forward to more visits next year! Have a Happy Holiday! Hugs, Darnell


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