Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lavinia Stamps. Fairies on Fabric.

Hi Blogstitching friends, just finished the next stage in making the waistcoat.

I have added stitch detail to the printed fabric. I am using this stitch detail to attach the printed fabric to the calico.
This is completed on both front sections and at the back.

The next part requires the attachment of the wadding to give the quilted effect.
I prefer to do this in the traditional way by tacking the fabrics together, vertically and horizontally.
I realise that this process takes time but I feel that it is necessary to ensure a good finish as quilting on the sewing machine can distort the fabric.
It is particularly noticeable on the photograph how well the prints take on the fabric, the colours are really good.
Hope you will visit Lavinia Stamps and have a look at the range of downloads available.
The next stage is to quilt the plain section of the waistcoat.
As the calico is a natural colour, I used a similar coloured thread rather than white.
With this type of design I felt it was more appropriate to have a gentle curve to the machining rather than straight lines which would have been more traditional.
This was the effect I ended up with on the front.
I also added some additional stitching to the patterned fabric using straight stitching on the leaves.
So far so good.
The waistcoat is now ready for construction.
 Back soon with the next stage.
Crafty Hugs,
Angela x

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  1. Wow Angela, that quilting stitch on the calico looks amazing, you are really doing a beautiful job! Hugs, Anne x


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