Wednesday, 30 July 2014

WOYWW 269 # 'What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday'

A big welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
Hi Workdesk friends.
Angela here to show you "what's on my work desk this Wednesday"(WOYWW) and if you visit Julia you will have access to desks throughout the world, so hope you will hop over to the Stamping Ground and all will be revealed.
I almost forgot that someone had asked last week, "What is in the red drawers?", yet more nosey people LOL! Sorry interested!
I had to admit that I am not sure myself in some of them so have opened them up to have a look.

  • unmounted text stamps that I use regularly for greeting cards,

  • some rub ons that I have had for ages and nearly got rid of them but I am using them on tags and the like,

  •  teabags, waiting to go into a journal and greeting banners I hardly use,

  • masks and slider folders for altering,
  • a few unmounted stamps which I use quite often,
  • stamp blocks,
  • paperwork, orders etc.,
  • bits and bobs that I keep just because I like the look of them. To the left of the drawer are some skins I made ages ago but haven't used them yet and things that don't seem to have a home anywhere else.
  • There are a couple more drawers but they just contain similar things.
  • And finally the drawers at the bottom are home to specialist card, paper, tags, shrink plastic, modelling plastic and various types of acetate.
So that's it really, if you haven't lost the will to live LOL!
you did ask but it's not very exciting LOL!
Happy Crafting and thanks for visiting.
 See you next week.
Angela x


Redanne said...

Thanks so much for the tour of your drawers Angela! I was going to chuck out all of my peel-offs and then Tim brought out a range and I realised that they are very useful things to have around after all!

Well done to the winner of your draw too. Anne xx

Carole Z said...

Great tour of the drawers Angela, they are so organised, I wouldn't dare reveal what the insides of mine are looking like at the moment, lol Happy WOYWW! Hugs Carole Z #35

jill said...

lots of lovely stash in the drawers Angela. happy woyww Jill #46

Anonymous said...

Aha! HERE is the comment box! Your organizational skills are unsurpassed. I am always impressed and while it may not be "exciting" in the traditional sense, it IS worth seeing...maybe not every week, but now and again it's great for ideas on studio re-org for the rest of us, don'tcha know? :)

Happy WOYWW!
Mary Anne (5)

Sandy Trefger said...

Lots of fun stuff in those drawers! Happy WOYWW! ~ Sandy in Texas

Hammers said...

Sorry Angela, but I disagree..looking through someone elses stash is a wonderful pastime. I love those big text stamps. Cx #66

Darnell J Knauss said...

Thanks for the view inside the red garters, er, drawers, Angela! I always think they are the coolest set of drawers when you do a wide shot of your whole desk, so now it's nice to see the goodies you keep in there!! I'm not WOYWWing today, but wish you a wonderful week!! Hugs, Darnell

Karen Ives said...

Thank you for letting everyone peek in your drawers! Karen #18

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Thanks for letting us paw through your cabinet drawers! We are indeed the "interested" sort. We want to make sure we aren't missing out on some fabulous crafting gem! Judy #76

Lunch Lady Jan said...

Interested!! Lol :-). That's a very polite way of saying that we are all nosy beggars!! Having said that, I really did enjoy a NOSEY around your desk!
Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

glitterandglue said...

What a lovely lot of stash in those drawers, Angela. Very brave and courageous of you to show us all!
Thanks for visiting - but I have to say... FAR too hot for ironing. never fear, it will still be there when it gets cooler! Yes, I'm still busy - but winning I think!
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #1

StampinCarol said...

Lots of great stuff stashed in your drawers. I have 8 carts jammed packed of "stuff". I need to get rid of oodles! Happy WOYWW!
Carol N #64

RosA said...

Hi Angela, I'm quite happy to have a peek in those drawers! You never know what you might see of interest :) I 've used rub ons in a totally random fashion just in backgrounds. I will put up some more snow pics when I get a chance :)

VonnyK said...

Ooh, so many goodies in there, I could have a fun time rummaging in there.
Have a great week.
Von #15

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, Angela, how fun to go through someone else's drawers! LOL
We all have so much in common! But the thing that grabbed my attention is the teabags to be used on your journal. Hmm. Will be interented to see that! Thank you for stopping by earlier! :) #28

Nikki C said...

Thanks for the peak into your stash it's fun to see how everyone organizes every thing thanks for popping in earlier hugs Nikki 8

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Angela happy WOYWW and thanks for visiting my desk. Your red set of drawers sure does hold a wealth of crafting stuff, marvelous what things we keep, happy crafting really like your wedding card, Cheers RobynO#29

Sue said...

Love seeing how others use their storage.

Hope you have a good week.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Sue 24

Jackie said...

Thank you for your visit ... I loved having a look in those drawers!!!!!! I have recently found a use for some of my old rub ons, so pleased I hadn't given them away!!!! Jackie 11

sandra de said...

Wow you have got a great system of organising everything. You must show what you create with the used teabags.
Sandra de @52

Shaz Brooks said...

A very exciting post! Theres nothing like rooting about amongst someones craft stuff! And yo reminded me I have some sheets of rub-ons somewhere. And shrink plastic. Have a great week, Hugs, Shax #6 xxx

Shoshi said...

How organised is that, Angela! Love the drawers, and it was fun to have a nose inside. I've had an eventful week after being carted off to the cardiac unit on Sun a.m. with severe chest pains - home now after what appears to have been a coronary artery spasm. I'm feeling absolutely wiped out and hope that a few days' rest will help.

Happy belated WOYWW,
Shoshi #47

Mrs.D said...

Angela, thank you for visiting earlier, I don't get too distracted looking out the window as we are in a close of 7 houses so not much going on out there.
I love your red drawers, I could really access my stuff if it was in those, storing stamps like that is just brilliant.
Chris #45

Nan G said...

Thanks for the nosey thru all the red drawers. Always fun to see how others store their stash. Love the post of the agri show! I loved going to those in Illinois when I was a kid. Thanks for the earlier visit! Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #61

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your reply, Angela, and I'm certainly taking your advice and resting for a few days! I'm sure I'll feel a lot better soon.

Shoshi #47

Bridget Larsen said...

Meee I wanted to know what goodies were in those boxes. Now I know tee hee
Bridget #48

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi that stencil on my desk is from The crafters workshop "zenspirations" line its the 6" version. ( I guess they make 12" stencils too) thanks for the visit, I love the peek into the drawers :) ~Stacy #70

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela,
Thank you for your visit! It's indeed fun to look into someone else's drawers - some drawers contain stuff "to use one day" and others contain forgotten stuff. (And ofcourse some contain my most used stuff). Now going to take a look as to your whole room, as the red drawers probably stood out because people asked about them.
Debbie / Daqa # 59

April Story said...

Thanks for sharing what in your drawers. I love the red - so bright and cheery and the shape of the drawers is so cool with the curves.
April #62

Anonymous said...

Very nice of you to give a grand tour of the red drawers to your curious visitors. Hope you had a very happy WOYWW and thanks for popping over to visit. ~ Laura #60

Eliza said...

Thanks for the snoop through your drawers and loads of interesting stuff in them too. Thanks also for visiting me and leaving a comment, Yoda and I love people dropping by.

Have a great crafting week
Hugs Eliza & Yoda 83

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hope this waits for me to write not crash etc on mobile. Wow lovely red drawers shall confess Angela I had never noticed that but they are interesting. . Thanks for popping over. Shaz in Oz x#27

Annie Claxton said...

I really enjoyed a rummage through your drawers! What a lot of inspiring stuff :o) Sorry for the late visit, happy WOYWW on Saturday Annie C #54

Andrea said...

Hi Angela and belated woyww wishes I'm still playing catch up and will probably take me to next wednesday ! Thanks for visiting me and your comment . greta snoop in your drawers I dolove seeing others crafty stash .I hope you enjoy whats left of the weekend and crafty hugs andrea x #21

Debbie Rock said...

Thanks for popping by my blog earlier this week and SO sorry it has taken me until now to return the visit! Glad you have drawers/containers that you have no idea as to what is in them ... thought it was just me!
I only ordered my ornament stamps and dies because I stumbled across a Christmas decoration made with them and I love giving decorations at Christmas so hope to make lots as stocking fillers ... or just one or two if they are too complicated! Love Debbie xXx

Christine said...

sorry I'm late calling in .... thanks for your visit ... much much earlier ...
didn't need the cavity doing as we have solid walls - we told em that - and the loft is already insulated - we told em that as well!!!! - but that's men for you!. Gave up on the i****ng, sat and stitched instead!!!

Neet said...

Nosey - Us? No. That cannot be right. We love to snoop though and that is different, isn't it?
Great tour of the red drawers Angela.
Thanks for visiting me earlier, sorry I am so late I have been on holiday - Hugs, Neet xx

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