Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi to you all, BP here.
I seem to have been on my shelf for ages and although it's nice and safe, I AM BORED AGAIN!!!

It's also been very hot up here, it could be this metal jacket but as I am wearing nothing but my plastic underclothes I cannot take it off.
It's no good I will have to go walkabout again LOL!

Hello! Another bird!
She'll be giving me wings next LOL!
So you're the one she was working on, love the hat.

Cheep......! Cheep! Cheep!

WOW! LOL! it talks.

I am pleased to meet you BP. I didn't think anyone was going to speak to me they all seem busy doing their own thing.

Don't worry bird, I've been here for a while now so I'll put you straight on anything you're not sure about. Do you have a name?

I don't think so perhaps someone could give me a name, I would really like one.
She refers to me as Blue Bird but maybe someone could think of something better?

We definitely need to give this some thought, maybe someone else could help too? 

Off to think about names, if anyone out there has an idea do let us know.

Bye for now,

BP Mini Me xxx


  1. Hi BP Mini Me! I was beginning to think you had forgotten us... I like your new friend very much, the only thing that springs to mind is Bella Blue, not sure why... but she is quite pretty.

    It is hot here too BP, I would stay indoors if I were you. If it gets any hotter you will have to take a quick dip in the pond! Hugs, Anne xx

  2. Hello BP Mini Me, I'm new around here so we haven't met before, but pleased to meet you and your new pal, love her colours! It's very very hot, as Anne said, you're much better off indoors, hugs Carole Z X

  3. Hello BP Mini Me I also am new and haven't met you before you have a nice view sitting beside you new friend hope you will be happy there. Becky x

  4. Hi to you all, I am making so many new friends, I am quite overwhelmed that so many people are joining in my adventures.
    I will have to try and be more active in the next few weeks.
    Bye for now, back soon BP MIni ME x

  5. Hello BP Mini Me, how lovely to meet you as you go walkabout. I think your new friends name Bluebird is just perfect as it is said by native Americans that a feather from a bluebird symbolizes happiness and fulfilment. I think your new friend looks very happy in that jaunty hat. Please tell your creator how pleased I was to meet her too. Take care on your walkabout. Hugs Lottie x


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