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WOYWW 307 # "What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday".

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi Workdesk friends.

Back again for another Wednesday at the Workdesk.

As ever, still busy trying to catch up with all the crafty stuff I needed to do but never too busy to show you:

"What's on my Workdesk this Wednesday".

If you don't know what this is all about then please visit the

Stamping Ground, our host Julia will explain what it is all about.

Anyhow! this is what I've been up to this week.

Finished making the earlier stamped images into cards which I posted at the weekend here if you want to see them.

And this is what's on my desk today...

Still haven't got round to moving the new stamps but I have varnished them.
I have started the new project and everything is more or less tidy unlike how the desk was only hours ago.
See below...

Quite a difference!
I was finishing off the Mini Book I have been making and will post it Monday with instructions for making.
It occurred to me that you might like to see what happens behind me!
This is the wall at the other side of the room.

Well that's it for now.

Many thanks for popping in to see me and hope you will have a look at what the others are up to.
Happy woyww and hoping you have
a great crafty week,
Angela x


  1. Wow do you have an indoor green thumb. I would kill them all for sure I have two plants only and they are lucky to be alive seeing I always forget to water lol your space is wonderful as always hugs Nikki??

  2. I love that art piece on the wall --- did you make it? There really is something so warm, cozy and inviting about your workspace. I have mentioned before that the bright colours appeal to me as well as your storage boxes. Thanks for inviting us to your space. Have a great week!

  3. i like your space it seems that you have everything at hand in all those boxes :)
    thanks for sharing
    happy woyww have a great week
    Mrs. C.x #2

  4. I love the way you have built your crafty space 'up' and your orchids are fabulous - as much as I adore them, I tend to kill them off quite quickly... no other plants, just the orchids..... hope you are having a good week! Hugs, Anne xx

  5. It is so interesting to see the back wall. I love the pots and artwork! It must be inspiring to have a semi green space in your space. In my studio (aka closet of doom) I am surrounded on all sides by chaos LOL Shel@PaperOctilloStudio #54

  6. Love your back wall! Such gorgeous flowers! My whole room is cluttered but it is very small, too. Hope you have a great rest of the week!
    Carol N #45

  7. Thanks for the visit already. I would love to visit the steampunk guy near you. I love the stuff. Your desk views are worlds apart...funny how that happens in no time at all, I do love the orchids on the wall behind you.

  8. You always have such interesting stuff on your desk - I sot something different each time. I always admire your crow but today I've spotted the vase with hands on it and... is that a tentacle coming in from the side? Such a fabulous desk of curiosities :D

    Thank you for coming to see me already and for your lovely words - I will indeed show the canvas when it's done :)

    Carmen x #21

  9. You're desk is looking lovely and organised - and I really love the wall hanging behind you! It's beautiful and looks really good with the orchids - are they real? I have a couple of fake ones as I can't kill them! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana '31

  10. 99% of my stamps are totally unmounted, I would never have thought of varnishing the wood on the wood mounted ones, even though I can imagine it helps to keep them clean. Lovely orchids, mine never bloom at the same time! Happy woyww!
    Kristiina #10

  11. I've enjoyed seeing before and after pics of your desk today :-) It was lovely to see the other wall too....gorgeous orchids :-)
    Annie x #17

  12. Love the view from the other side!! your before and after shots are great of your desk. Helen 5

  13. Great projects this week ! Ali #62

  14. Thanks for showing us the other side of your craft space. That is a beautiful dreamcatcher or whatever it is. And I love the orchids. They obviously like that position.
    Thank you for your visit and kind comment,
    Have a good week,

  15. I loved your before and after shots, mine is always the before :) The wall behind you is really beautiful. No wonder you have such creative ideas when you are surrounded by such wonderful things.
    Have a great week,
    Von #9

  16. Your orchids are gorgeous! I also love that sculptural piece that's hanging next to the pink one. Blessings!

  17. Hi Angela,happy WOYWW and thanks for the visit.Oh my I am in love with that orchid wall, I'd die for that, just beautiful. The cards you made last week and gorgeous too, so your messy desk creates some lovely work, Cheers RobynO#24

  18. What a surprise to find orchids behind you! I thought for sure it would be more crafting goodness. That is quite a transformation your desk took. Looking forward to seeing the mini book.Diane #28

  19. What a well organized desk! Lovely place to create!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. (Bev #50)

    Happy WOYWW

  20. Your orchid wall display is really beautiful! Glad I'm not the only one with a clean desk this week. :-) Happy WOYWW and thanks for your earlier visit. ~ Laura

  21. Hey Angela, thanks for swinging by earlier. I love your space, it feels really calm. That other wall was a lovely surprise. Cx #6

  22. Ooh, I love your orchids climbing up the wall like that. I was given a pink one three years ago and it's still going strong, which is remarkable given that I normally have the Kiss of Death when it comes to house plants!!
    Hugs, LLJ 13 xx

  23. Of course I had to go back to check out the cards :) And will pop back to see the minibook - it's been so long since I made one I could use a refresher!

    Watch for my email re: the swap!

    Happy day after WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (3)

  24. I do love your space! So much storage right at your finger tips! Glenda #33

  25. I enjoyed seeing your work space in a busy and "resting" state. Thanks for your kind comment on my zip attempt. The next one will be easier I'm sure.

    Fiona #27

  26. Hi Angela, Happy WOYWW to you! Wow what a busy, busy desk, so much to see, thanks for sharing. The back wall is beautiful, I love orchids but never thought to mount the pots on a wall! Fabulous artwork. Your orchid cards are stunning. Thank you for your feedback on the chameleon pens :) And kind thanks for visiting me too :)
    Good luck with all your exciting projects!

    Angela x
    Angel Greetings #36

  27. Angela, I have given your fish a good feed:)

    Your desk looks ready for more lovely projects.

    Love the Orchids.

    Is that plaque made with wool?

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #25

  28. Love the orchid wall - my mother's favorite flower! Your desk is so organized! I would love to peek in all those little drawers! Thanks for visiting - Lindart #51

  29. Whoa! Love the orchids! And that they are on the wall. I love that wall of living things and greenery. I find that more exciting than your desk. But I can say that I'm also excited that you have finished up stuff from last week. I often have big plans to finish stuff up one WOYWW to the next but it rarely happens. Thanks for the visit earlier! Judy #58

  30. What a great crafty space Angele, I love your orchid display on the wall, fab creationhugs Carole Z X

  31. that is indeed quite a transformation! I will look forward to seeing your mini book on Monday. Love the display or orchids and that beautiful piece of embroidery with all the texture and that water effect, wonderful! Have a fab weekend :o) Annie C #65

  32. Hi Angela, thanks so much for popping over, and adore your desk both shots, would love a closer look, ie hands on ;)
    Amazing orchids too, clever lady. Shaz in Oz. x #63


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