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WOYWW 304 # What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

               Hi Workdesk friends.

Back again for another Wednesday at the Workdesk.

Don't know where the time goes but we're here again.
I have almost got back to normal (what ever that is!) after our ski trip and have been busy trying to catch up with all the crafty stuff I needed to do.
So here I am to show you:
"What's on my Workdesk this Wednesday".

If you don't know what this is all about then please visit the

Stamping Ground, our host Julia will explain and all will be revealed.

But just before I show you my desk, just wanted to say.....

I am so excited... don't know if you have noticed the big yellow box on the right.
This belongs to my dear friend Alison of Ali-Craft. They are organising some new workshops near Lincoln and in July they have organised one with the lovely Hels Sheridon which should be a great day.

I am looking forward to the first workshop with Ian and we are doing some gilding, then in May and June the workshops are using Powertex hardening compound so really looking forward to that too and of course will show you the results.
Don't you just love a good workshop lol!

So here is my desk this week and it's quite tidy really though we have been away as some of you will know.

Whoops sorry.. not really my desk but quite nice and very tidy Lol!.

We were forced to stay in the Hilton at Coventry for two nights on our way home from the ski trip.
Definitely a bigger desk than the one I had at the hotel in France Lol!

But we are back home at last and all kinds of things are going on here.
You can probably see this as my desk is covered in so much stuff today.

The project I am working on here is for my friend Gloria using a Masterboard she sent me and the Eileen Hull Cookie Die.
If you are interested I shall be posting the finished project on 
Monday 13th April.

I have labelled a few things that you might be interested in.

Hope you enjoyed that and will pop round to see what the others have been up to... I'm off there now.

Happy crafty woyww,
Angela x


  1. Hi Angela sounds like you had a good ski trip and your desk looks very busy and now all I can think of is cookies seeing that cookie die :)
    I sent you an email I finally found yours so hoping it works
    hugs Nikki

  2. happy woyww
    Mrs C.xx

  3. Nice little desk at the Hilton - hehe!
    Glad you are back from your ski trip without injuries and already following new projects
    Gabriele 20

  4. Well, the two desks are probably a similar size, so one is very much less full than the other - that's why it has the appearance of tidy! I cant see the cookie die project because of the writing...that's a tease!

  5. Angela, I like busy desk and snooping around them it is always interesting to see what other's have and use. Your cookie die sounds like an interesting challenge and i look forward to seeing what you create, I tried zooming but it didn't work LOL I will have to wait and see.

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 41

  6. I'm just back from my family fun time so am catching up on a few blogs. Thanks for visiting mine earlier.
    I'm pleased to see you're home safely from your skiing hols and back refreshed to craft and create again. :-)
    Annie x #14

  7. You are certainly throwing yourself back into your projects - I usually need a week to recover and do the laundry after a holiday! The cookie jar project sounds interesting and I'll look forward to seeing how it turns out. Have a great week,
    Diana #32

  8. HI Angela, sounds like you had a good trip, loving your workspace pic...Hugs Carole Z X #26

  9. Sounds like you have oodles going on now that you're home. But your trip sounded like lots of fun! Thanks for stopping by! Happy Easter and happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #46

  10. Thanks for your visit, Angela. :) It does look like you have lots to keep yourself happily busy for awhile. Looks like you'll have tons of fun. Have a very happy Easter weekend!

  11. Wow!! Your Workdesk is amazing! I aspire to be that organised! I really enjoyed zooming in and having a tour of your busy desk! Intrigued to see your latest project :)
    Have a wonderful Easter weekend and thanks for visiting me earlier!

    Angelgreetings #31

  12. You have a lot packed onto your actual crafting desk just waiting for some action. You couldn't fool me with that other photo; I knew that wasn't really your desk. Judy #60

  13. Looks like a busy time ahead for you.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #25

  14. Your schedule sounds full of fun! Thanks for the visit. Helen #3

  15. What a lovely organised desk. I need to tidy mine now!!!!!
    Glad you enjoyed your trip
    Famfa 47

  16. I enjoyed peeping around your busy desk. I spied a white flask with 'poison' written on it....
    The master board is beautiful (from what I can see) so looking forward to see what you do with that.
    I'd completely forgotten about 1 April!
    Thanks for visiting earlier.
    Have a great week and Happy Easter!

  17. I always enjoying looking around your desk and it is great to see one of Eileen's dies there today - I am definitely looking forward to seeing that project finished.!

    Please give Ali and Iain my regards when you see them, I would love to learn how to use the Powertex (I have even got some) but it will have to wait until I get some time!! Hugs, Anne xx

  18. Oh I need those alphabet stamps on your happy busy desk...which I really do like by the way. But isn't that desk at the Hilton pretty! Thanks for your sweet visit. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #42

  19. Looks like a lot of fun to be had there. I love the clips holding the project together, really cute. Have fun with all those workshops.
    Have a great Easter.
    Von #38

  20. The ski trip sounds like good fun, Angela ... not that I'd know as I don't ski ... skating was more my winter thing in my younger days! You must have just about everything crafty to hand on your desk - that's a veritable mountain of drawers and shelving at the back :) Enjoy the upcoming workshops and have a wonderful Easter weekend. Elizabeth x #40

  21. I love your labeled photos :) And Hels is an artist I admire so lovely to see she is doing workshops. I might have to check out the schedule. It's been AGES and I could use a crafty learning session.
    Happy WOYWW and I'm not fooling'!
    Mary Anne (1)

  22. How wonderful to do a class with Hels. Her work is always gorgeous and she seems full of life on her blog. Have a lovely easter break.
    sandra de @35

  23. So glad your holiday was a joyful success Angela!! xo

  24. Lovely desk (both of them though the second has way more fun stuff going on) and glad you have had a great ski trip and a Hels class to look forward to too! Annette #22

  25. Your desk looks full of interesting things. Enjoy your workshop. Thanks for stopping by yesterday. My internet was not playing nice then so am catching up today.

    Fiona #2

  26. Glad you got home safe and sound and can't wait to see what your are working on Angela!

  27. Pretty curtain..hard to catch up. And I love your labeling, ! Lots of fun play things there. Have a very Blessed Easter.

  28. It must have been hard to stay in the Hilton. I smiled because that is where we stay but in Anaheim when we go to CHA. It is quite expensive and we pay tax for a swimming pool (on the bill) which we never have time to use plus other stuff.
    Glad you got back from skiing in one piece and it is good to see you were straight back into crafting.
    Enjoy your workshops when they come around.
    Hugs and thanks for visiting me earlier, Neet xx 11


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