Saturday, 11 April 2015

Ali-Craft Workshop.

A big welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

This Saturday I have spent a great day at a workshop with Ali and Ian of 
Alicraftworkshops and what a great day it was.

When you spend most of your time working alone it's really nice to meet up with other Crafters and what a great group of people they were.

We have been decorating a picture frame using gilding, I cannot give you the full instructions today but I do know that Lindsay Mason who came up with the ideas for this project, is holding a session of workshops in the next few months.

So here we go:

A bit of preparation at the tables,

and we're ready to go!

This is the sample that Ali had ready for us:
The picture inside the frame is only temporary.

 And this is the class at work.

 Couldn't resist a play with the panoramic on my new camera, the room doesn't really have a curve to it Lol!

 And the finished frames.

It's amazing that although we all used the same techniques every frame is different.
This is the great thing with Ali and Ian, they lead the way but encourage everyone to do their own thing too which is very obvious I think by the results.

(Sorry about the glow on some of the photographs, the light was not so good).

 Last but I hope not least, Angela's effort.

 I'm afraid this is all you get as regards the stages in making but I can tell you there were some great techniques used to create this piece and I hope you enjoyed looking at our results.

Thank you for stopping by and hope you enjoyed looking.

Happy crafty weekend,
Angela x


  1. Hello Angela,
    Looks amazing, fabulous texture and depth of colour.

  2. These are really really beautiful :D Is it just normal wood frames that you have used?

  3. Wow Angela, what amazing transformations you and your class mates achieved! The frames look amazing! I really like the look of Ali and Iain's new classroom too, even without your 'wide angle' lens it looks roomy and light and airy. So pleased you enjoyed the day! Hugs, Anne xx

  4. Wow How cool Angela!! The frames are all so unique and look just full of delicious textures!! Good for you to get to a class to play art with others-must have been fun! xo

  5. Wow Angela, your frame is definitely NOT it!! You used so many fabulous elements to achieve your texture, the feathers are my favourite! A gorgeous frame my talented friend! PINNED IT! Happy Sunday, hugs :)

  6. Had a great day, with a lovely group of friends, so pleased with all the fab frames.
    See you on the next workshop in 4 weeks
    Ali + Iain xx

  7. Sounds like a great workshop, love all the frames created, TFS Ruth x


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