Friday, 9 September 2016

Friday Fun Day with Smiles.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.
Well we've been to the Seaside!
I've taken my mum and dad for a few days to Skegness at the Royal Hotel.
My mum loves this place and I have to say we quite like it too.
And here are a few photos of the hotel.

Back view overlooking the sea.
Our rooms were in the centre just below the hotel sign with brilliant sea view and balcony.

Front view.


The hotel was taken over by the Airforce during the Second World War and there are many photos on the walls depicting this.

Skegness is quite flat so they can have a little walk without too much difficulty.

We did go out for a few visits too:
In the town:


Lovely gardens.


Rescued pups.





Little birds all around.

And on guard!

So Cute!

And a little trip to Anderby Creek. I so love the houses on this beach.

Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.
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  1. Oh WOW there is so much to see with these trip photos :) looks like you are having a great time too.

  2. Looks like you've had a fab week. Love the photos. Hotel looks amazing.
    Annie x

  3. Fantastic photos. Thank you for taking me to Skegness. I've never been there. The name does conjour up images of an old and dingy seaside town, but it all looks lovely. The hotel really is beautiful and the nature park looks interesting. I love those meerkats!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a good week,

  4. Wow! What a grand hotel Angela!! Lovely photos and omgoodmess those Meerkats made me lol!!
    I do hope you and your Mom had a wonderful visit! xo

  5. Lovely photos of your visit Angela and the hotel looks very smart. Now I want to go to Skegness too. Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

  6. What a lovely hotel you stayed in. That must have been a real treat for your mum and dad. It is not an area I know, but that pretty beach looks a good place to visit and the gardens are very tranquil. Kate x

  7. Hi Angela. What a beautiful hotel. I can see why it's one of your mum's favorite places. Love the wildlife photos.
    The Beach houses are adorable.


  8. Hi Angela. What a beautiful hotel. I can see why it's one of your mum's favorite places. Love the wildlife photos.
    The Beach houses are adorable.


  9. Hi Angela and happy Friday. Another holiday lady - suppose it's the season for it over there....anyway you did pick a lovely place to stay and visit - lots a great pics, thanks for sharing as we holiday a bit differently here in Australia. Have a super wonderful weekend Cheers Robyn

  10. What a great holiday you all had - such a lovely place. you are SO right - flat, so easy to walk around a little.
    Thanks for your visit and comments.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  11. Just out of hospital hence the lateness of my visit, but wanted to let you know they solved my back problsm, well gave me drugs that help despite me going in with something else.
    Thanks for the pictures of Skeggy - it looks great and I think we might have to make a visit ourselves - you recommend that hotel too. I so enjoyed this post Angela.
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  12. Precious time with the folks and what a gorgeous hotel! I love places with history. Creative Blessings!

  13. Lovely photos, Angela. Looks like you may have had the best rooms - a view and a balcony - you couldn't wish for better. All my favourite animals too - love seal pups, penguins and meerkats - so it looks like a fun weekend. Have a great week. Elizabeth xx

  14. Love it! this has really made me want to get my button box out. Love the playing cards too. Thank you for entering your project at Rhedd’s Creative Spirit. Sammy-x


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