Monday, 24 March 2014

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi all,
BP Mini Me here.
My dear friends will know I have been keeping my head down a bit due to the work that has been taking place.
Although the men have gone now 'him indoors' has been busy painting everything from doors to ceilings but it didn't stop the two of them having another week away skiing.
So while they were out of the house I thought I would have another walkabout.

Not been very far though as I noticed someone new on the shelf.
I am beginning to wonder where they are coming from, you turn your head for a day and another crow arrives lol!

And so are we!
I am the only Crow here, take it away we don't need anymore!
Maybe she thought you needed company, everyone needs a friend, I've got BP and now you've got a little crow.
What do you know? you're just a clock that thinks it's a robot!
Now you two don't go falling out there's still room on the shelf for all of us.

I hope you all have a good week, don't worry about those two they will be just fine once they get used to the new guy.
I quite like him.
By the way, those two are back so we need to be in our places before she starts at the desk again.
Bye for now BP Mini Me.

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  1. Hi BP Mini Me, I have missed you, it is lovely to see you again. I love your new friend, crow, he is quite splendid, but he will never take your place..... hope they had a wonderful skiing holiday and that they brought you back a present. Hugs, Anne xx


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