Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Fun Day

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.
Visited the health club as usual, went for a walk with friends.
More gardening but not boring you with photos of that this week as I'm sure you seen enough!
So indoors today with some gorgeous flowers.

Beautiful Orchids.

The next one was a surprise as I bought it at Morrisons (supermarket) of all places.

 This is the one tucked at the back, so pretty.

Been walking with the girls again and as we were about to cross the road we found these.
Great big wooden carved sculptures, very clever.

Oh and of course we had to stop and read the map again. Those of you who are regular visitors may think this looks familiar Lol! However this proves that women can read maps and we did manage to fold it back up again! Oh and get home before midnight Lol!
 And a quick look at what's going on in the park.
Some tree felling this week.

They have the money to renovate some of the old buildings and they are clearing some of the grounds to open the site up a bit. This is I might mention a European grant which is another thing that will probably not be available when we Brexit! We shall have to wait and see what happens.
Oh and this:

Now what could be going on here?
Well.... you will have to wait till next week when I get some more photos. I think you will like it.
And Saturday I went to a craft workshop and Sunday was the sales day, what could be better than that. Certainly made me smile.

 Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.
I think that's enough smiles for now!
 And if you would like some more smiles you just need to pop over to see what our other friends have been doing this week at Annie's for
"This Week's Smiles" and you can also share your  smiles too.
Angela x


  1. what a great week! made me smile too!

  2. I love your orchids. So pretty. The wood carvings are amazing....I love what can be created in's like a living craft. Thanks for sharing your smiles.
    Annie x

  3. What a lovely post Angela. Beautiful flower photos. The wood sculptures are amazing. There are some interesting wood carvings dotted about in the ancient woodlands where we sometimes go in Milton Keynes where we sometimes walk. Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

  4. Gosh, yes, that was one long smile!
    The orchid is beautiful. I did know that Morrisons have good quality flowers. It used to be my go-to place for flowers. (Me being Dutch I would figure out where to buy the best flowers)
    The sculptures are great. What a lovely surprise on your walk. Women can map read. It's just that men won't listen to us. I am a very good map reader and still prefer it to our Tomtom.
    What is going on at the end of the pond? Very intriguing.....
    What did you do at the craft workshop? I didn't get it.... Did you carve the stamp yourself or was it about stamping? Please show&Tell.
    Have a good weekend,
    Hugs (and smiles),

  5. Wow such a busy schedule you keep!! Those orchids are remarkable!!! Go green thumb lady!!
    And those sculptures- WOW! The seashells captured my interest the most-just stunning!!
    Happy weekend my friend! xx

  6. Oh Angela your orchids are stunning, just beautiful. Great set of photos this week, you have enjoyed yourself- interesting walks AND a crafting day. Well Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend Cheers Robyn

  7. Beautiful pix and those orchids are FAB.

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog today ... those monsters? Yes, they are rubber stamps ... from Smeared Ink, a range called "Grumpies" - there's a photo of the grumpies in the set on my blog now too.

    Thanks for your interest


  8. Oh Those orchids are so lovely - I am hopeless at keeping them. There is something really special about wood carvings isn't there. My dad carved lovely wooden pictures for us.x Jo

  9. Your orchids are beautiful, and the wood carvings are amazing. I love wood! The craft workshop looks interesting. I will try to pop in to see what you are up to! Kate x

  10. Great photos as always Angela. I do love your orchids and those carvings are just stunning!! I think I would be walking past there every day! Anne xx

  11. I've got the urge to get my walking boots on now after seeing your fab pics. It will have to wait though as its lashing down so it's a cozy Sunday in with hubby who has got a cold xx

  12. Certainly a lot to smile about in your post Angela. Love those wood sculptures, especially the shells at the end - utterly gorgeous. how I would love to own some of those.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx


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