Monday, 14 September 2015

Masterboard Monday

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Here today to show you the most gorgeous piece of art work that my friend Gloria made.
I sent her this Masterboard.

And this is what she made with it.

Sorry for being such a tease!

Nearly there....

And out she comes!

And what a beautiful Top Hat!!!!

So much fantastic detail Gloria has added to this.

The little Tea service is gorgeous.

And a few close-ups.
Gorgeous little flamingo pendant.

And a white rabbit pendant.
Don't know where she got these but I love them.

So pleased to have received this and hope you like it too.
Have a great week and happy crafting,
Angela and Gloria x


  1. Angela, that is fabulous, what a wonderful celebration of Alice In Wonderland using your beautiful masterboard, enjoy! Deb xo

  2. Wow, Angela, what an amazing project Gloria has made from your beautiful masterboard! You two, working as a team, are a force to be reckoned with!


  3. Oh My! What a fab top hat!! Gloria did well with your masterboard- the two of you rock together!! xo Happy week of crafting to you Angela!

  4. Oh what a lovely little artwork with such a lot of details on it. Really an eyecatcher,wow!

  5. fantastic top hat Anglea, great idea to have it made from these from your Master Board.
    Hugs Pam x

  6. Wow, that is quite something Angela! It's great how you work with each other's prompts - it's like magic! You send off something and this is what comes back!

  7. Isn't that amazing, Angela! I love it that your work is the basis for such terrific creativity!


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