Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Steampunk Festival 2015.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

I can hardly believe it's that time again but I am here to show you the photographs from this year's Steampunk Festival here in Lincoln.
If you don't know about it, it's called the Asylum because that's where they base themselves were the old Asylum used to be.

More info here.
It is the 7th Steampunk Festival that has been held here and it gets more popular every year.

And here are the photographs I took during the event, hope you enjoy looking.

Naturally we cannot start this without the Steampunk Baron and here he is.
There are 25 of these figures scattered around the city as part of the Magna Carta celebrations.

Here are just a few of the photos I have taken but there are so many that I will be spreading them out over the next few days.
Hope you enjoy looking.
you have to start by making sure he's dressed correctly then the fun can begin!

This pair have attended this as long as I have been going and really must spend a long time preparing their costumes.
Here they are.
She looks so gorgeous.

Amazing costume and so much work.
One more set and the rest will follow later in the week.


Hope you enjoyed looking and will pop back for more photographs from the Asylum.
Have a great week,
Angela xXx


  1. I couldn't stop myself from popping in... The lady in the green dress is fabulous and has the most beautiful eyes.... always love your steampunk photos Angela... xxx

  2. What greats photos of what looks to be a stellar event...don't you love peoples' creativity!

  3. I am soooo happy you share these photos Angela!! What fabulous costumes!! How much fun it must be to see these in person! And i so agree about the lady in green with her striking auburn hair and Gorgeous Blue? eyes!! And her headpiece- OMG!!!
    thank you my friend! xx


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