Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday Fun Day

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Welcome once again to my Friday Fun Day, hope you enjoy looking at what I've been up to this week.
Some of you may have notice I've been working on some cartoons using various Tim Holtz stamps.
I originally found the idea on-line at
Sandy Allnock who has kindly allowed us to download a free template to do the comic strip on, what a kind lady she is.
Sandy has used the Crazy Bird stamps which I love but I wanted to try and do something different, so decided to use the robot stamps instead for my own cartoon strip so here it is..........

I placed my paper over the top of one of the cartoon grids as shown below and masking round the box so that I could then stamp where I wanted to without it marking other sections.
I also made some masks to fit the Crazy Thoughts Stamps and masked some of these while I completed the stamping.
Because I want them to show at the front they need to be stamped first and masked off. Now I know most of you understand this process.

The card or paper you use needs to be thin enough so that you can see through it to the boxes if you are doing it this way though you could stamp directly onto the printed grids if you prefer.
Vellum would work well with this but you would need to stamp with a quick drying ink such as Brilliance or StazOn  though you could also heat emboss the stamped images but this would take even longer as this is quite a lengthy process anyway.

 Here is one of the cartoons waiting to be coloured.
The stamping was completed by masking off parts of the design as the work progressed and I added some extra sentiments too. 
I like to draw the box lines free-hand as it looks more like the original cartoons this way but you could do it with a ruler if you prefer.
I then set about colouring it in and I used Chameleon pens for this but you could use what ever colouring medium you prefer.
(Hope you like my Selfie, very becoming I think Lol!)
I think you could have great fun making up the stories once you get going but you can work this one out for yourselves!
And this is the second design.
Finally I added some shading in the traditional cartoon way using various mark making techniques such as Lines, Cross-hatching and Stippling (often used by Roy Lichtenstein and other cartoon artists, not that I ever imagine I could be as good as them Lol!).
So there you go!
It's actually quite easy but just takes time to do.
These are the stamps I used:
All by Timmy!
Though I did use one other stamp for the robots hat and that was by JudiKins.

Hope you enjoyed looking at this week's fun day.

Happy crafting,
Angela x


  1. Hi Angela,
    That is SO cool! :)

  2. This is SUCH an unysual project, Angela - I don't think I've seen anybody else do antything quite like it! It's really fun, and I love all the bright primary colours, and the gorgeous grungey little robots! And the selfie looks JUST like you. Lol!


  3. Thanks for your lovely comment - I am feeling a lot better today and enjoyed another visit from my friend before she returns to Brazil. Such an uplifting time! So glad you like what I've been doing. I have had a rest this evening and am hoping to feel good again tomorrow and for the rest of the week before more chemo on Fri. Nearly at the end now - just that one and the final one on 16th Oct. Then Shoshi gets the flags out!!! (I am trying to be sensible lol but don't always succeed! The creative urge is so strong...)



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