Friday, 11 August 2017

Friday Fun Day with Smiles.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.

We went to Bakewell Show last week and I promised to show you photos however it had rained the day before which left the showground very wet!

Luckily I had taken my wellies but you would be surprised how many people arrived with just ordinary shoes....crazy people!
Stan is examining the ground!
Yes Stan it is wet!

Not sure you can actually see the water but there was plenty of it.

Unfortunately it meant that some of the trades people were unable to get onto the show ground and they were actually towing horse boxes onto the showground so I bet they had fun trying to get off again.
They have no solid ground at the entrances so when just a few lorries go over it you can guess it just becomes sludge causing them to get stuck.

Somebody wanted to show you these lovely paw marks, can't imagine who made those Lol!

 It did not stop us from having a nice day as it didn't rain so much while we were there but lets hope for better weather next year.
We did bring home a traditional Bakewell tart but forgot to photograph it before we devoured it!

We have however had some nice days since.
A walk in the park.

My grapes are getting bigger.

And my apples and plums too.

Him-In-Doors went out and did some weeding and found these in the garden. I had to photograph them but didn't find any fairies Lol!

 So that's it for today.

Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.
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Angela x


  1. I went to Hampton Court flower show one year where the weather had been like that - I wasn't wearing wellies (did have reasonably sensible footwear on) but as you say, some people!! Greet photos. have a fabulous weekend.

  2. What a shame. They put so much effort into these shows that rain can really put a dampener on and spoil it for so many. It's England after all and we can never rely on the weather so we should always go prepared.
    Your garden produce looks to be coming on really well and that always makes me smile.
    Annie x

  3. Bakewell tart is my favourite, not sure I would have waited to photograph it either!

  4. Yes, good ol' British weather for you! I'm glad it was at least dry weather when you went.
    Never mind about forgetting to photograph the bakewell tart. Luckily I know what it looks like and tastes like (very yummy).
    Smiled at Stan's paw marks.
    I'm impressed with your grapes. In your climate that is a miracle! It's easy for us with all that sun and heat.
    Apples and plums as well. They all look fab. Well done.
    Have a good week and keep smiling,

  5. Bakewell show brings back many memories for me, I always used to have a stall in the craft tent, we always took our caravan and stayed on site by the river, using the river to cool our beer and wine. Memories of very happy days some wet like this year and some very hot. Anickoana

  6. Shame about the weather for the show Angela, glad you still enjoyed yourselves.
    Pam x

  7. Yep, some people never cease to amaze me with their clothing optimism, mid you I can't wear wellies as my calves are too fat to fit in them, obviously the rest of me is stick thin, LOL! I love that perfect paw print on your leg, it looks like it was printed there. Saddo that I am I'd want to embroider it to preserve it. Glad to see how well your fruit is doing, hopefully we'll have some more sun soon to help it along. Have a great weekend x

  8. So sorry about the wet weather- bet the frogs loved it! heehee
    Your fruit looks wonderful and I love those plums! My neighbor had a tree growing up that we would go sit in and eat plums till we had bellyaches! heehee thanks for the memories! xx


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