Friday, 25 August 2017

Friday Fun Day.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.

Apart from the Gym and crafty stuff my time has been taken up by fish!
A gift from my husband for our wedding anniversary but which one to have!

These were the fish at Absolute Koi and are all Japanese hand picked by the owners.
They were very greedy and in fact I thought one of the big ones would eat me if it had a chance. They were gorgeous and very tame. You can just see my hand to the left of this photograph which is why they all gathered together hoping that this hand held some juicy morsel.

 Just gorgeous but not what I was looking for.

This was the one I saw last week at Wayside Water Gardens and we went back there this week.

Now what do you think might be in here!
Yes I found what I was looking for.
A Hi Utsuri.
Don't ask me why but in the excitement I forgot to photograph her until she was in the bag.

These are not brilliant photographs but there she is.

In case you are wondering why I say she it's because of the body shape which in females is generally a little more rounded than long as in the males but I could be completely wrong.
Sorry about the net but we have herons round here too.

As these are not brilliant photographs here is an example of a Hi Utsuri to give you a better idea of what she looks like.
Basically the Hi Utsuri is a black fish with orange or red patterns. They are often lighter when young but can go red as they mature so we'll have to wait and see!
Better go before you get fed-up of the sight of fish Lol!
 Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.
By the way I should have some interesting pics next Friday as it is the Steampunk festival here in Lincoln this weekend.
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"This Week's Smiles" and you can also share your  smiles too.

Angela x


Annie said...

What a beautiful fish Angela. We used to have tropical fish tanks years ago so I know the pleasure you will get from her. Thanks for sharing.
Annie x

Cara said...

Okay, I read your post whilst hiding behind the sofa! See, even you admit that the big ones want to eat you and that mesh isn't to stop the herons getting into the fish, it's to stop the fish climbing out!
Your new girl does look beautiful though, I hope she has a long and happy life with you. Have a great weekend x

Donna Ellis said...

She's a beauty, Angela! I can see why she was your special chosen koi! The colors are so intense! While we love our birds, they definitely enjoy dining on things we'd rather they not LOL Thanks for sharing your newest addition! hugs, de

mamapez5 said...

That is one beautiful fish Angela. We had a couple of koi in our UK pond and we had to net ours too, at least at our first house. We could hear the heron arriving and flapping its wings early in the morning. I don't they troubled us so much at the next house, but the cats would sit on the edge and try to catch the fish! Kate x

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