Monday, 14 May 2018

Masterboard Monday with a twist.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

I am here today to show you some testing I've been doing using Starlight paints. My intention is to find out whether these techniques could be used to make a Masterboard, she says hopefully Lol!

I warn you it is a rather long post so I should get a cuppa before you start reading.

You may have seen people doing acrylic pours and I have been looking into the various methods of doing this.

I had been interested for some time and it was when I attended the Sincerely Yours show at Newark showground that I got the chance to try it out.
And here are the other ladies that were there having fun too.

Acrylic Pours being demonstrated on the BJ crafts stand.

As you can see here it is a rather messy technique.

Surprisingly No Apron!
So maybe it's not so messy.... no I'm kidding myself Lol!

Notice the bottle of liquid, that is a mixture of washing up liquid and water so it needn't cost too much if you already have a collection of acrylic paints and some Gesso though this could be white acrylic paint, just use whatever you have available.
You do need to thin the paint down and an artists pouring medium is good for this but it is also possible to thin the paint with water.
What I have realised is that not everyone uses the same combination of mediums to do this or apply it to the canvas in the same way and the effects are slightly different.
Sometimes you may read 'Dirty Pour', 'Acrylic Pour', 'Swipe techniques', 'Cells', 'Puddling' and a multitude of mediums. On top of that depending on how you dry the pour you will get a different finish with that too.
So my plan is to try out some of the mediums and techniques on different substrates and we'll see what we end up with and whether it will work for a Masterboard.

 The results are gorgeous and the cracks on these small canvases were created by drying the paint with a heat gun.

My initial effort ended here.
The canvas was an actual pour and the card and tag were used to swipe the remaining ink from the craft mat where it landed, definitely a possibility for a Masterboard I think.

It's also worth mentioning that the Starlight paints by Imagination Crafts have a lovely sheen to them so also different to some other acrylics.

For my first play at home I used the starlight paints, a good teaspoon full in a small cup and a mixture of washing up liquid and water.
(To make the mixture I used approx. One 3rd wash liquid to Two thirds water).
 I mixed the water and the paint a little at a time until it was nice and runny so it will flow well, about the thickness of single cream.

Put a couple of teaspoons of Gesso in a pot and cover with blending solution, mix until it is a similar consistency to the paint.

Pour the colours a little at a time onto the Gesso until the pots are empty. You can cut into the paint a little with the spoon but don't mix the paint together or you will get sludge as the colours will blend together and become brown.

Place the canvas on top and hold it tightly while you flip it over then leave it for a while so that all the paint drops down. Not sure I held mine quite tight enough as the paint seeped out before it should but we all have to start somewhere.

Remove the cup carefully as there will be paint dripping. You may be able to see that I have an old cake rack under mine which I found really useful as the loose paint drips below it and you don't get covered in paint when you pick up the canvas.

Lift the canvas and tilt it to get the paint to move around the canvas until it covers it.
Of course there is nothing to say that you want to cover all the canvas.... now there's another idea to try! CAS maybe.

I dried this using a heat gun and did get some interesting cracks appearing.

Although the golden yellow shows it is not easy to see here but I used some of this around the edge of the canvas with a dry brush when everything was set.

As much as I like this I think I need more practise and I have a feeling that this canvas may re-appear again sometime as the background for something else but not sure yet.
Back soon with even more technique fun so just watch this space.

I would love to hear your comments.
Many thanks for stopping by and happy crafting,
Angela x


Helen said...

I have watched lots of you tube videos on paint pouring but absolutely don't have the space to try it at home. I look forward to seeing more of your experiments.

Margaret Mifsud said...

Wow!! Your tall canvas turned out beautifully Angela!! I would love to have a go at this but haven't worked up the nerve as yet. Just know I will mess it up and make a mess .. LOL!! Love the canvas, card and tag you made at the show too. Really interesting effect and the colours are lovely!! Looking forward to seeing more of your experiments! hugs x

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

There are so many tutorials on this technique it's easy to become overwhelmed by it all and I have to agree that people use different mediums to achieve such effects. I remember using washing up liquid with acrylics years ago to create cells whilst heating.
Love your mini canvas and tag.
You've created a super masterboard Angela and well done for giving it a go. There is no way I have the room to try anything so adventurous.
Thank you for an exceptional read today, will catch up with you in the week.
Monday Hugs and Sunshine Tracey xx

Shoshi said...

An excellent explanation of this intriguing technique, Angela, and you've certainly got some beautiful results from your first efforts. I am sure I saw this same lady at the Craft4Crafters show in Exeter in February - - but from your photo I couldn't see her face. I had quite a chat with her about it and she did a demo for me. She had some other wonderful stuff on her table to display as well. I was very impressed. I haven't tried it though - not sure if it's my thing (I still struggle with a tendency to be too neat and tidy and exact with my art lol lol and maybe need to branch out more and splash things about a bit more!) and also since then, have been somewhat preoccupied with other matters! If I ever do give it a whirl, I shall return to your blog.


Redanne said...

Your canvas turned out beautifully Angela, I think I like it more than some I have seen because your paint does not look too thick (if that makes sense!). I have all the stuff, just have not had the courage to have a go.... love what you have done though! Hugs, Anne xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Oooh, that looks like something I might want to try!

Jackie P Neal said...

Just gorgeous!!
You are tempting me to give a go as well Angela!
Claudia at Von Pappe just did a tutorial on pours using DecoArts new mediums- go have a look if you are inclined.
hugs,Jackie xx

Angela Radford said...

Thanks Helen, I am enjoying trying this but I have to say it's difficult not to make a mess so you do need a bit extra of space to do it. I think now the weather is better I may end up in the greenhouse which is also my favourite spot for Powertex projects. Angela xXx

Angela Radford said...

Thanks for the lovely comment, I thought you were supposed to make a mess! Be brave my friend, Angela xXx

pam said...

Well that is an interesting read Angela, wow looks gorgeous too, beautiful colours..
Mmmmm just need time.
Pam xx

Angela Radford said...

Thanks Jackie, I'll pop over for a look. Happy crafty week, Angela xXx

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your return visit, Angela. You will be pleased to hear that I am making a good recovery! I am determined to make it to the County Show on Friday - I should be fine as I'll be sitting on my buggy all day and I can crash out afterwards.


Win Dinn said...

Well I've got pour envy, Angela - that looks a TON of fun. I'll be watching for future experimentation to see what happens!

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