Craft Club.
So happy to be able to craft with friends again, feels like ages since I had the chance.

Great group and loving it.

Workshops: 2016

Sincerely Yours Workshop.
8th October.
Can't wait!

Sincerely Yours Workshop.
7th May.
Lovely new building this year!

Hello Barbara!

Stencils and Distress inks to start.

Dry everything and cut it up.


Card 1.

Card 2.

Card 3.

More details for making these cards on my blog

 Ali-Craft Retreat.
All packed up and ready to go!

Just to let you know, I do not drink beer!
The bottles were later covered with Powertex but somebody obviously likes a drink as there were lots of these bottles Lol!

Stage 1.

Stage 2.

Not easy to show you how to do this as I can't use my camera during this stage. Too messy!


As I have already covered a bottle, I decided to cover a ball instead this time. I so love this technique.

Day 2.

Powertex on Canvas Triptych.

Day 3.

Graphics 45.

I also started this during the retreat again using the Powertex.

And finished it at home.

 Workshops: 2015

Ali-Craft Workshops.
My first effort with:
Fabric hardener and Stoneart.

Mixing Stoneart and Powertex
fabric hardener.


Mixed Media Workshops.


Sincerely Yours Workshops.

Fran from Prima.
Finnabair Style.


Hels Sheridan Workshop.
And here's what I made.



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