Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Journal Away Wednesday.

Hi Blogbuddies  has anyone seen a little robot wandering around? He seems to have gone missing lol! again!

Anyway, I just wanted to show you something I have been working on in my journal, it is the start of what will be a more detailed page.

I really like these light bulbs, the smaller ones were by Creative Expressions and the larger ones by The Artistic Stamper.
I am not sure yet how I will finish this and I may copy it and use the print for something else, so it may end up being used as a Masterboard! we will see how it goes.
Thanks to the clever person who invented the scanner, lol!
  • The yellow background was Mica sprays and distress ink, rubbed onto a craft mat and then swiped onto the pages.
  • When this was dry I stamped the light bulbs around the page and stamped the large bulbs more centrally.
  • The pattern on the large lightbulbs is actually on one of the stamps.
  • In some cases I masked the bulbs before stamping the others to give depth to the design.
  • The darker colour was added as a wash with a watercolour pencil and some of it was removed by blotting.
  • I have also added some highlights to the pattern on the large lightbulbs and parts of the smaller bulbs using a white pen.
The mica has actually made the page quite shiny, though it is difficult to see here.
More to come later.
Angela x

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