Monday, 7 October 2013

Mastrboard Monday

Hi  Blogsters  hope you are all good today.
I have been putting off doing this job as I just couldn't decide what to do, lol!

My friend and I had an envelope swap and we had got to the stage where we needed to produce a binder to put them in and could not decide what to do.
Well, I had a brain wave, strange I know, but there you are! and I have almost completed the binder so here is what I did.

Once I got the idea it was so simple and obvious that I couldn't understand why I hadn't thought of it before.
Because these are envelopes I wanted to be able to see the whole thing including the flap and sticking them down would have lost some of the detail, so here is what I came up with.

I started with this......

And I ended with this.

And this is what happened in between.

First I created the Masterboard using brown wrapping paper which I sprayed with Cosmic Shimmer Mists and then stamped with a crackle stamp.

Next I added the detail in the form of Tim Holtz splatter stamp and
Chocolate Baroque, Punky Romance using the clocks and gears stamps.
I heat embossed the clocks and gears with white WOW embossing powder and the splatter with cosmic shimmer, to add texture.

After checking that the envelopes would fit and that there was enough space for all of them, I scoured the folds.

I then cut a strip of card to fit the centre and wrapped enough strands of elastic round for the number of envelopes it would need to hold.
I glued this down and added masking tape to give a smooth finish.

I then took the masterboard and attached it to the back of the binder, turning it in to give a neat finish.

I used a plain piece of the sprayed paper to cover the inside.
The paper needs to be slipped carefully under the elastic before being stuck down.
And so we got to this though not quite complete as it needs a little extra to decorate the front which I hope to have completed before the end of the week so please call back if you can to see what happens to it.
Crafty Hugs,
Angela x

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