Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Plague Doctor

Hi Blogghooles, just wanted to show you what I have been up to.
I have been hoping to make a Plague Doctor mask ever since the Steampunk Festival and the challenge at SanDee and Amelie was the incentive I needed lol! so here goes.

Plague Doctor masks are usually made from leather which gives flexibility to the construction.
I decided to use Tim Holtz Grunge Paper which is also flexible and gives a similar appearance to the finished piece.
Although the starting point was the Plague Doctor mask I wanted to create something a bit different and add texture to the finished piece.
This is what I finally came up with.

I searched the Internet for ideas and there are many variations of these masks. 
This shows a close-up of the texture, metal sections and lettering.
I started by cutting the shapes out and covering them with black acrylic paint then running them through the cuttlebug using various embossing folders.
I then added gilding wax to the texture and letters to create a patina effect.
The pieces were joined together using glue and brads and the addition of a metal tag and plastic bottle cap finished off the eye sections.

                   Underside view.

This is the Photograph I took at the festival which prompted me to make the mask.

I am going to enter the mask in this months SanDee and Amelie's challenge which is Tick Tac Toe and I have chosen to use: Metal, Texture and Letters.
Time goes so quickly but just enough time to meet the deadline.
Hope you like my effort.
Back soon.
Angela x
P.S. People have been asking about the Plague doctor, the real ones were a bit gruesome, here is a little added information and there's lots more about them on Wikipedia.
Some plague doctors wore a special costume, although graphic sources show that plague doctors wore a variety of garments. The garments were invented by Charles de L'Orme in 1619; they were first used in Paris, but later spread to be used throughout Europe.[10] The protective suit consisted of a heavy fabric overcoat that was waxed, a mask with glass eye openings and a cone nose shaped like a beak to hold scented substances and straw.[11]
 Back soon Angela x


  1. Brilliant!! I'm glad you're showing your inspiration picture, because otherwise i didn't know what it's all about.Well, you're never too old to learn, right? Thanks for showing your making of and of course the lesson(:o)

  2. What a stunning and brilliant make, Angela!

    Very interesting to see the inspirational source too - never heard of plague masks before and find these very fascinating. I can understand why you wanted to do one on your own.

    Your mask is sooo utterly beautiful. Wonderful textures and colours and a perfect shape!

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful effort with us at SanDee&amelie's SPC!

    Claudia x

  3. ohmy, It's so original! This piece amaze me, and gorgeous details, too.
    Inspiration is everywhere, no doubt!

  4. very intresting and im glad to see for what it is !!!


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