Friday, 6 June 2014

All in the Garden is Rosy

Hi Blog Friends, although I have been busy with the crafting, I have managed to get a bit of gardening in too, though I have had a bit of help from him indoors even though he is busy visiting schools at the moment moderating the Art work.

Anyway, just a few pics to show you how lovely everything looks.

This is one of my favourite spots by the pond its so calming.

Of course Maisie likes to come and check that everything is being done right though her favourite thing is searching for fish food that's been dropped on the grass.
No sign of Stan as he is probably hunting for Squirrels though he hasn't learnt how to climb trees yet lol!

We have to keep the pond netted as there are herons all around.

Just a little look here at the Bonsai and one of the Rhododendrons.

Really like this lady, she's so pretty.
She would be lovely as a stamp.

A view looking back at the house.

And the last big job waiting to be done.
It's still a bit wild down here but hopefully not for much longer as it is going to be cleared and a pergola put up.
(Not sure how long that will take lol!)

So that's just a little look at one of the things I get up to when I am not crafting.
Hope you enjoyed that little tour,
back soon,
Angela x


Helen Allen said...

Hi Angela - thank you for visiting me. I popped over to look at your pond. Wow it is fab… does make our pond look like a puddle though!!!! ;-) Fabulous garden. Love the bonsai too. I am glad I popped by. Have a fab weekend. Helen x

Sue said...

I adore your garden. It looks so peaceful.

Maisie is adorable. Is she a Snuazer (don't know how it's spelt:))?

The plaque is lovely.

Might be nice to keep just a little area wild and sow wild flowers. The wildlife will love it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Sue 64

Redanne said...

Your garden is really, really beautiful Angela and I love the fish - very wise to keep the pond covered, those Herons can be devils! A pergola will be a lovely addition. Maisie is adorable. Hugs, Anne xx

sandra de said...

Hello, thanks for visiting. I love your garden it must be wonderful to have such a beautiful tranquil garden to pop out and enjoy. Your little dog is super cute. Sandra de

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