Friday, 13 June 2014

Stamping Board 2

A big welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi Blogging Friends  as promised I am back again with more ideas for using the Stampbords.
These are some of the other ways that you can embellish them.
On this sample, I coloured the board, dried it then stamped with a pigment ink and applied embossing powder so that only the stamped area was embossed.
This makes the stamped image shine and stand out but the background remains dull.

On the next piece, the colour was applied, allowed to dry and then the embossing powder with a layer of UTEE added to make it thicker.
Stamp into this while it is still soft with a deeply etched stamp.
You should always put embossing ink or stamping ink onto the stamp to protect it and ensure it will release easily. 
You can see that there is depth to the stamping.
When using stamps I prefer wood mounted red rubber stamps as they tend to be deeply etched and can withstand heat though Clarity clear stamps would work too.
There is no need to put a lot of pressure into the stamping as the weight of the stamp will usually be enough to sink into the melted embossing powder.
Leave the stamp until the embossing is cool and the stamp should lift away easily, if it does not come away easily just wait a little longer and it will.

On this design I added crackle glaze over the top of the stamped image.
You may be able to see that I edge the finished designs with a gilding pen or something similar.

If you look below you may notice that the stamping on the flower seems sharper, this is because the stamping was done over the top of the embossing powder (when cool), using Stazon ink and then a little glitter added.
The dragonflies were stamped and then the embossing powder added.

These boards have been coloured and embossing powder added. I will be back later to show you what I have done with them.

Back soon and happy crafting,

Angela x


  1. Beautiful stamp boards. I haven't stamped into UTTE in ages, had forgotten about it (I'm at that age you know) LOL

    Looking forward to how you will use them.

  2. You have shown us some wonderful techniques Angela and some great tips too - thank you! I love the colours on the three boards at the end, look forward to seeing what you did with those. Anne xx

  3. Thanks for popping by my blog this week & sorry it has taken me a few days to reply - no idea at all where time goes to! And then I got very confused about how to find your blog and something to do with google circles ... I can craft. I can't do technology! I LOVE those little boards and can't wait to see what you do with them - I will be sure to pop back and check. Love Debbie xXx

  4. Wonderful pieces Angela :)
    Von ♥


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