Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Adventures of BP Mini Me.

Hi to you all, BP here.
I was going to have a walkabout but she has been up to things again, not sure if you have noticed but I am much higher up than before. She has been adding some extra drawers as if there isn't enough stuff in here already LOL!

She says it will help to tidy things up a bit but him indoors is not convinced and neither are we.
Anyway because she has been messing around in here I have been unable to go walkabout as planned but I know she has lots of gardening to do so maybe I will get a chance soon.

I may need wings soon if she puts us any higher, the hand says he will help me get down. He says he's seen some string to lower me down with and the monkeys say they will help too.
I think I should take out an insurance against accidents or just make sure there are plenty of spare plastic bottles in case I need a repair LOl!

Hope to see you again soon with more news.
Bye for now,

BP Mini Me xxx


Redanne said...

You would look quite fetching with a pair of wings! I am away from home so I hope I don't miss any of your antics.... A xx

Carole Z said...

I think the wings would look great too, but failing that the monkeys should really be a great help! Carole Z XX

die amelie said...

I recommend you use a parachute, BP Mini Me! ;)

Enjoy the view from up there!

Claudia x

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