Monday, 2 July 2018

comments to your emails

Great news for those of us who like to receive comments in our email inboxes! 
 If you have been having problems getting your Blogger comments via email, there is a solution which is working for me and many others too!  My dear friend Astrid posted the solution on her blog and I am sharing it here:

1. Go to your dashboard
2. Click on settings
3. Click on Email
4. Delete your email address and click on 'Save Settings' in upper right
5. Re-enter your email address and click 'Save Settings' again
6. You will receive an email in your inbox from Blogger confirming that you want to subscribe
7. Click on the underlined word 'Subscribe' in the email

Please share this with friends/Design Teams where this issue has been a problem.

Angela xXx


Jo Featherston said...

Hi Angela, thanks for your advice, which I have followed. I received the Blogger email but when I did a test comment on my blog I still did not get any notification email about it, so perhaps I have something else wrong. Re ‘posting using email’ in Settings, do you have to add secret words here - this seems a new requirement - and have you clicked one of the options below this?

Robbie said...

Actually, Blogger did post this fix...appears to work but for some reason those with a GMAIL account can't receive notifications. In fact, when i leave a comment to a blog owner with a gmail account I get an error message back from Yahoo! Go figure on that one! HA

Angela Radford said...

That's strange because it worked for me and I do have a gmail account so can't understand that one. Not sure where they posted this fix but never saw it but it works so that's great. Did you get an error message when you left this comment?

Angela Radford said...

You do need to click the underlined word 'Subscribe' for it to work and if you got you've obviously done it right. I don't know anything about any secret words and I haven't added any or clicked any of the other options so can't help you there but hope it gets sorted for you xXx

Jackie P Neal said...

This worked for me as well! I was so happy to see it! I read about it Redanne's blog- thanks for sharing- I thought i was the only one who stopped receiving them! LOL
Jackie xo

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hurrah! It worked thank you Angela, been bugging me for weeks, tried ablogger tip and it didn’t work, but you added an extra step with removing saving and then reading.
I removed it but don’t think I saved it before re-adding as it didn’t do it that way.l THANKS!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Works on my gmail too.

Angela Radford said...

You're very welcome, pleased it worked for you xXx

Gilda M said...

I hope it will working for me! it's a little difficult for me to understand because I am French!! it's so bad not receiving any more the comments on my blogs! thanks!

Angela Radford said...

I do have a translation button, top right if that helps xXx

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