Wednesday, 10 February 2016

WOYWW 349 # What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Hi Workdesk friends. 
Here we are for another Wednesday at the Workdesk. 
I am here again to show you:

"What's on my Workdesk this Wednesday".

If you don't know what this is all about then please visit the
Stamping Ground, our host Julia will explain.

So here is my desk for today! and hope you are all having a great week.
My desk has actually grown a bit this week as I had a bit of a tidy again! needed a bit of room for the Masterboards.

This is the folder where I keep the Masterboards that I haven't used or the copies I've made.

I like to have some in hand as they are useful when you are in hurry or just need some inspiration.
I know that lots of you liked the look of the one I was working on last week so here it is almost finished.
Started by applying gel medium through a stencil.
Then various mica based sprays.

I shall probably rub over this with Treasure Gold to bring out the detail.
So that's it for today.
Hope to have more to show you next week.
You never know I might have made a card with this!
 Thank you for stopping by and hope you will pop over and join in the visits around the other desks.
I'm off now to see what everyone else is up to.

Have a great woyww 
happy crafting,

Angela x


  1. What a fab masterboard - and what a transformation when you put the sprays on.
    Didn't eve think of doing a masterboard and making a copy - what a jolly good idea. As soon as I am up and about I might just have a go.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  2. I do love to see how you build up your all goes over my head a bit but I love the effects.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x # 10

  3. Looking good Angela. I look forward to seeing what you do with it. Barbxx

  4. Angela, what stencil are you using? I love it! And looking forward to seeing the treasure gold on top! xoxo

  5. Beautiful Angela. Love the rich colours and that stencil is so beautiful. Look forward to seeing what you make! hugs :)

  6. Great idea to store your masterboards like that! I'm too disorganized myself, so I can never find anything! The treasure gold will give a fantastic boost to that sheet, I'm sure. Happy WOYWW! zsusa #37

  7. That looks lovely. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more as you get further along.

    Happy WoYWW
    Sharon K #44

  8. this is so cool seeing the board be built :) ( How big is that sheet anyways?) It looks pretty big I am guessing. ~Stacy #55

  9. Gorgeous masterboards, one of my favourite things to do. Helen 4

  10. Fabulous masterboards, and what a difference the sprays make to it - wonderful. I shall look forward to seeing what you do with it. Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #53

  11. Oooh this is yummy gorgeous, Angela! I love, love, love it! Stencilling to create the texture and then spraying... Time I did some more masterboards methinks.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #21

  12. Wow!! Love that mica-sprayed master board! Can't wait to see what gets done with it! And the star one is very cool, too! Hope you have a great day!
    Carol N #41

  13. Well you already know I do love making masterboards, and yours are lovely--thank you for the ideas, and especially the one about storing them together in a folder!

    Happy woyww, Angela!
    #49 this week
    with mixed media mess

  14. Your master board is looking fabulous. thanks for letting us see your progress.
    I'm rushing round to visit as I'm very late - photo issues - again!!!!
    Anne x #65

  15. Thanks for your visit, Angela - sorry to hear you've been struggling with a project and hope you make good progress with it soon. Yes, I've also got quite a collection of those carrier bags and think as you do - I must get round to making something with them! Lol!


  16. You are so organized with your lovely master boards. I always forget to scan them and usually just put my leftovers after a project in my scraps folder. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  17. Now that's a good idea Angela, I'm quite often in a deadline situation, so a stash of master boards would be great. And look at you having a bit of a tidy....

  18. very pretty. And so organized. Hugs & Cretive Blessings! Kelly #42

  19. Hi Angela,

    Very cool. What is a master board? Your desk looks nice and tidy.

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Kay (50)

  20. It was great seeing how you organize your master boards. The technique you shared seems easy enough for me to try although I don't have any mica spats. Thank you for the visit earlier. Diane 35

  21. Thanks for sharing your process. time oh time!

  22. I like how that masterboard is coming out--very shimmery! Thanks for the visit! PJ #53

  23. Lovely masterboard Angela, can't wait to see it with the gold! And brilliant idea to copy them, will have to remember that next time I foray into making one of my own! Deb xo

  24. That's gorgeous! Love the colours!
    Are the masterboards A3 size?
    Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment re the zentangling. I wasn't sure that it was my cup of tea, but I rather enjoyed it :)

  25. I have never done a master board but do make pages with the geli plate to cut up and use- I really ought to have a go - The gold will make it stunning. Sorry I am so late getting round this week, Soojay xx

  26. Fabulous backgrounds!
    Best wishes.
    Susan nr 8 WOYWW


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