Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday Fun Day/Smiles 157.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

We have Indians in the Alps!!!!!

Had to show you these as it came as quite a surprise to me too.
I had never skied this part of the resort before so was surprised when I saw this.
It was fairly quiet when we skied past it, I think they were all snuggled up in their teepees.

This is Courchevel 1850 Indian Run.
This is France not America!

It was beautiful!
I understand that the thought of it might make some of you want to turn the heating up and put a woolly on but when you are out there the views are tremendous, the skies are blue and the sun is gorgeous and when it snows so hard the you can't see we have a gorgeous hotel to stay in though I do sometimes manage to get him to wrap up and go for a walk or I get my laptop out and check up on you lot!

So thanks for stopping by.

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Angela xXx


  1. Hi Angela, Well the snow pics are gorgeous and I do know exactly what you mean about being out there amongst it! Just fabulous! My dream is to spend the whole ski season in the Australian alps. Just being there :)
    But, wow, that's weird, about the indians? You think there would be plenty of USA ski fields more appropriate? Strange.

  2. I love your pics Angela but it does make me wonder just how cold it would be to live in a teepee. I guess they must sleep in their clothes....I know I would lol.
    Annie x

  3. Very strange to find a teepee in the French Alps!!!
    I would love to go skiing but not sure I would actually ski!!! The idea of hot chocolate and apres ski sounds good though.

  4. Happy Friday Angela..I can see that the scenery would be just stunning in the snowy mountains and do have to agree that it seems a teepee would be a bit cold - I did think of Indians and America though. Glad you're having a fab time, Enjoy Robyn

  5. Wow - what fab photos!! What a lovely surprise for you to find too. You wont ever catch me on skis but I am glad you got such wonderful views to see. Soojay xx

  6. Great photos Angela! What is the teepee actually used for, do you know? Are people actually staying in there?
    Anyway, it must have been a surprise to come across that while skiing.
    Thanks for sharing,
    Have a good week,

  7. Hi Angela,
    I can imagine the surprise! There's a teepee maker in Taos, New Mexico but I can't imagine that he's shipped his to France!

    I used to downhill and cross country ski but my body won't allow it!

    Happy Friday - and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. How cool! And so marvellously out of place! The Wild West on a French ski slope, LOL! Thank you for sharing this curiosity! Have a lovely weekend, Angela!

  9. What fabulous photos Angela and I bet will be a forever memory for you.
    Julie x

  10. That looks truly amazing. I am no skier but I love going up to Sierra Nevada when the snow is deep and the sun is shining. Just beautiful. Kate x

  11. Wow, what a wondrous sight, so beautiful! The teepees are kind of cool, never seen one in real life. Happy weekend Angela! hugs :)

  12. Pretty interesting...
    If this was in America, I am pretty sure, somehow, someone would find this insulting, or politically incorrect and have it done away with. Crazy times in which we live- thanks for the share Angela! xo

  13. I'm leaving the skiing to you Angela, as pretty as it is. Enjoy yourself
    Lynn x


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