Friday, 1 October 2021

Friday Fun Day with Smiles

 Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.

Earlier in the week we started the gardening and this was where I got up to when I took this photograph.

By the afternoon it looked like this.
However that was not enough and a few days later the pile looked like this.

It is better but still only about 1/3rd of the garden sorted.

Can you see those feet on the left....they are not mine!

And you might like these photographs too.
I was having a look over the fence to see how the building work was getting on and look who I saw.

Enjoying the last of the sunshine and tucked away in the undergrowth.

As you can see he/she knew we were there. I thought it would have gone by the time I fetched the camera but no still there but definitely watching me very carefully. You never know what you might find at the back of us but no snakes recently thank goodness or at least I haven't seen any.

Last Saturday I went to the Craft Club and one of the ladies brought this as it was her birthday. Now that is one big cake.

This is a selection of the Pinwheel cards the ladies made.

They were all very enthusiastic and joined in.

So pretty.

I love how these cards stand up but are so flat when closed so great for posting.

Great birthday card. 

And something completely different.
We'll have this as the funny for this week.

I know you will all have been wondering about this box and it's massive chain and you will laugh when I tell you. 
This box controls the new air pumps for the lake in the park and the other day a guy was working on it. He had to force the lid off because the council couldn't find the key despite it only having been in place for a few months! 
There had been some complaints about the noise it makes as it was vibrating and banging all the time but he couldn't stop it so fastened it tight with the cable ties and because he couldn't lock it without a key he wrapped this enormous chain round it and put a lock on it. 
Sadly it is still making a noise!
Sorry that's not very exciting but funny and who knows maybe Harry Houdini may jump out at any moment!

Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.

And if you would like some more smiles you just need to pop over to see what our other friends have been doing this week at Annie's for
"This Week's Smiles" and you can also share your  smiles too.
Angela x


Annie said...

You really have had a busy week in your garden...well done you. I bet you feel so good now....and a bit tired. Your little visitor over the fence looks lucky are you. We had one walk across our drive one night on our camera but sadly not seen him since.
I really love those clever cards...all so different too.
Annie x

Mac Mable said...

Well done with all the hard work in the garden and how lovely to see the fox Angela x. Thank you for letting us know about the chain and the box. 'WOW' to that yummy cake and 'WOW' to the amazing pinwheel cards....they sure did embrace the class Angela x.

mamapez5 said...

It always amazes me how much debris we accumulate when we have a garden session. We are supposed to chop all of ours small enough to put in black bags before binning it. Sadly we have no organic waste bins locally, probably because this is an agricultural region so most folk have a compost heap. We have nowhere to put one, and no real use for it as all my plants are in containers.
I love the pinwheel cards. That is a clever design and offers four good size pages to decorate, as well as four smaller ones. The cake looks rather good too.
I laughed about the box in the park. A box of errors by the sound of things.
Have a lovely weekend. Kate x

yonosoymillenium said...

me ha encantado esa foto con el zorro, que pasada

Lisca said...

You have been working very hard in the garden, looking at the enormous pile of debris.
What a surprise to see a fox! And he/she didn't appear to be afraid at all. (Urban foxes are very cheeky actually. When I did night duty at the hospice in Bristol, we would often see them in the garden or around the car park.)
Blimey! That is a cake and a half! Talking of Craft Club, was it your turn or am I mistaken? Anyway the pinwheel cards are really nice. Good idea, as they fold normally. I like the one with the bee.
Sorry for being so late but as you know, we are on holiday. (Coming home tonight).
Have a lovely weekend,

Stacy Sheldon said...

I totally smiled over the chained chest story Angela, and that is very amazing to me that fox stayed put long enough for you to take the mug shot. those cards look cool too. ~Stacy

Win Dinn, Artist said...

I'm drooling over those cards, Angela - your group did a fantastic job with your help. I can hardly wait to try them!

Crafty Claire said...

Ah the mystery of the box is solved! And that is a very enticing looking cake...time for a cup of tea I think :-)

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