Friday, 14 January 2022

Friday Fun day

 Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.

Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.
It doesn't feel like much, just the usual but here goes.

Found this in the park.

I've managed to dry it out as it had been put in a plastic bag which wasn't sealed very well and had let the rain in which is why it'a bit crinkly but gorgeous all the same. 
Another piece by the Lincoln Art Ninjas. I will probably re. hide it soon.

Our little friends are back again but there has been some falling out as there were other visitors interested in this house but they were soon seen off.

Then the other day I got up to see this....

Can you see what' going on here?

This is one big tree! but don't worry it's about four houses away from us.

Another large tree being trimmed.

Looks a bit dangerous to me! but guess someone has to do it.

And that's the top off!

Apart from this everything's been pretty much same as usual as you might expect.
Shopping, visiting mum to deliver her shopping and doing the housework, walking dogs and crafting obviously! and that's about it really.

Oh and just so you know, my Amaryllis is growing.
This was last week.... 

and this is today.

So it's coming on even though it was in the January sale!

Dog funnies next, naturally!
Not that Maisie and Stan would care as they have no interest in balls.
This is more like both of them!
And this one too though thank goodness they are not so big but can still manage to spread out plenty.
This is familiar too.
Hope you like those.

Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.

And if you would like some more smiles you just need to pop over to see what our other friends have been doing this week at Annie's for
"This Week's Smiles" and you can also share your  smiles too.

Angela x


Valerie-Jael said...

Love the funnies! I wouldn't want to climb up that tree! I like the idea of hiding paintings for others to find! Have aa great weekend, hugs, Valerie

Lisca said...

Another one bites the dust! Is that where the new development is? It really is a shame. It takes so long for a tree to grow that large and then to just kill it is criminal! I'm quite passionate about trees because my country has so few (I'm talking about Holland)
How wonderful that people leave works of art for other people to find. So it's not just pebbles. Is there a website where you post your finds?
I smiled at your funnies. They are so true to life.
Have a good weekend,
Keep smiling,

Mac Mable said...

I am loving your finds in the park Angela and it's such a fun idea x. So glad that the usual birds in residence saw off the intruders! WOW to that tree and how it has been cut. Yay to the amaryllis and thank you for the funnies at the end Angela, which always bring a smile to my face x.

mamapez5 said...

Hi Angela. I am glad you managed to salvage the painting. I hope the next 'finder' is just as careful with it.
The tree felling brought back memories. My son used to be a tree surgeon and I have a photo of him at the top of a very tall tree. It used to scare me! He stopped working there because a rather tyrannical boss made him use the incorrect chain saw for a job (fortunately at ground level) and he lost a finger nail, though they managed to save the finger! He did get some compensation but works somewhere quite different now.
I wonder whether your amaryllis will grow in competition with Annie's. It looks ready to shoot up now.
Hope you have another quiet week. This is our time to rest and regroup before the new year really gets into its swing. Kate x

Annie said...

I love watching tree surgeons at work. The dog funnies always make me chuckle...the first one is Milly...she would chase her ball all day but really isn’t pleased if another dog wants a go with her ball. Also, being a terrier she “kills” every toy she has 😂😂😂😂
Annie x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

A lovely find in the park. Too bad it wasn't well protected from the elements before. What a sad thing about that tree. I thought there were laws about cutting trees in the UK. SO SAD. You know that tree is going to find a way to grow back, right?

Love the dog funnies. SO glad I have cats that don't need to be walked or have poop scooped in the park. Reminds me why I won't ever own another dog. The do pushing the people together reminds me of Squiggles, though.

Have a super rest of the weekend and a great week ahead, dear.

Win Dinn, Artist said...

That tree trimming is quite the thing, and I'm sure fascinating to watch. I'm not sure I'd want to have that job, though, given my distaste for heights! It's much better to watch from the computer viewpoint. 😁

Crafty Claire said...

How lovely of the Lincoln art ninjas' and now you have spread the love to us. My godson left the army and is now a tree surgeon, it's such a responsible job. He's shared videos when he's up trees and even the videos make me feel queasy!

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