Friday, 29 September 2017

Friday Fun Day.

Welcome to all my new followers, hope you enjoy the journey.
Angela here again to show you what I've been up to this week.

You might know that when something interesting is happening I didn't have my camera but still got a reasonable photo with my phone.

They are tagging the swans with a tracking device so they can check where they go when they leave the park.
But I can tell you dad wasn't impressed the following day.

You can see the band on his leg which he didn't seem to like but I'm sure he will get used to it in time.

Following all this excitement we went to Derbyshire at the weekend for a memorial walk.
Quite different to walking round Lincolnshire and although we do have some hilly parts they are not as steep as where we were on Saturday.
Seems familiar?
This is not a ski resort!

Still not sure?

Great views.

And at the top you have the Fossil Factory.

Two caves to investigate.

 Old carvings done by the lead miners.

It was very dark especially when the guide shut all the lights off to show us what it would be like just with candles as the miners who started here would have had.

The weather was lovely when we went down the cave but drizzly when we finished so the photographs were a bit difficult but I'm sure you will have guessed by now that this was the Heights of Abraham at Matlock, Derbyshire UK

That was Friday and on Saturday we met up with the gang at Monyash to start the walk but this was the first photograph I managed to take, at lunch time.

 I took this one whilst waiting for the rest of the group to come down some very slippery stone steps but we all survived thank goodness.

I think everyone was ready for a little rest here.

Finally just a couple of photographs that I took on the way home.
Lovely old towns and villages in this area.

The weather was good and it was great to see old friends again even though one was missing but I'm sure he was looking down at us and having a good laugh watching us trying to negotiate those very slippery Derbyshire stones.
Have a great weekend everyone and
 thanks for stopping by.
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Angela x


  1. Thanks for sharing that with us Angela. Something I would enjoy seeing but not the doing. I really don't like heights and the steep slippery slopes would be beyond me now so it was really lovely to share your photos instead.
    Annie x

  2. Wonderful photos, Angela, and such a fantastic day. I would have loved to tag along, but at least you gave me the chance to do just that with your amazing photos! THANK YOU! hugs, de

  3. That sounds like stuff I would love to do! The swans are beautiful & the artifacts are really neat!

  4. Wow What an interesting post Angela!
    Were those real fossils?
    And that cave- yikes, I might be a bit claustrophobic in there,especially when the lights went out!
    The views are gorgeous and your photos are wonderful!

  5. Lovely photos Angela, we love Matlock and go there often but not to do the cable cars! The pictures of the fossils are amazing. Glad you had a lovely time in my neck of the woods! Anne xx

  6. Love swans they are so graceful. It is said ringing birds doesn't hurt them but how do we know as they can't tell us! Looks a very interesting day out but no way would you get me down the cave. Have a good weekend. Anickoana

  7. Lovely post Angela. It all sounds great fun even it is was a bit precarious at times. I am glad you enjoyed meeting up with old friends, and in such lovely surroundings. Kate x

  8. Wow, such interesting photos. How great to see the swans being tagged like that. I think I need to go to Matlock, I love cable cars and I love caves even more! Thanks for sharing x


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